Home Design Issue #22.6 - 2020

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ed’s letter

Under extremely unusual circumstances, as we’ve all battened down our hatches and retreated into our homes, the rooms in which we reside have undoubtedly come under increased scrutiny. There’s the office/study, for a start. All that working from home means the desk chair we’d only ever occasionally graced with our bottoms in the past has been getting a serious workout. Check out page 22 if you’d like some hints on how to spruce up that zone. Then there are the walls we’ve spent so much more time staring at. They could definitely do with a little something but don’t worry, we’ve got that covered, too — see our wallpaper special Luxe to Less on page 36, or check out the hauntingly beautiful works of talented artists Petra Meikle de Vlas…

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design society

FOLLOW US facebook.com/homedesignmagazine @homedesignmagazine_au AXIA COLLECTION BY PHOENIX TAPWARE Inspired by the elegant way a sheet of metal folds and bends, the new Axia collection is a fresh take on modern minimalism. The ultra-thin design was two years in the making as it faced the challenge of creating a super-lean outlet through a one-piece casting — quite unlike anything else on the market. The star of the new collection is the unusual diagonal design of the wall basin/bath mixer set, which makes for a sleek profile that feels light and effortless. The other products aren’t anything to sniff at, either. Fine precision grooves of the wall mixer’s dial also ensure easy operation and control. Meanwhile, the basin/vessel mixers bring a leverless handle design for a pared-back look. phoenixtapware.com.au IITTALA’S KURU COLLECTION Elevate the everyday with storage…

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pimp your study

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door knockers

Gold scallop shell knocker, $74.95. frenchknot.com.au…

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rugged up

1/ Our favourite thing about the Medina Tangier rug is its sustainability. The smallest size, 150cm x 90cm, is made from 600 recycled plastic bottles, while the largest, 300cm x 250cm, is made from 3000! This hard-wearing, practical and machinewashable alternative to natural fibre makes the most of the waste we’ve already created and gives it new life. Drawing inspiration from the old towns of northern Morocco, the Tangier rug features a contemporary monochrome simplicity. Ethically made by skilled craftsmen and women fairly paid in comfortable working conditions, this rug is about more than its purpose. Place inside or out, in high traffic areas or by the pool, wherever it goes this hand-woven rug is one to last. $759 for a 240cm x 170cm rug. weavergreen.com 2/ A floor covering with…

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book club

OUR SPACES ALANA BROADHEAD PENGUIN BOOKS | $59.99 Art director, writer, designer and Sunday homeware store owner Alana Broadhead has spent years scouting out beauty and practising the philosophy that design is the art of living well. Now, exploring some of New Zealand’s most remarkable and stylish homes, she offers her experience to lend ideas and insights from these beautiful rooms. Our Spaces features more than 400 incredible photographs that capture the relaxed and refined aesthetic of Kiwi homes. A soothing book to flick through and find inspiration, this one is great for a slow read. ed’s fave YATES TOP 50 INDOOR PLANTS AND HOW NOT TO KILL THEM! ANGIE THOMAS HARPERCOLLINS PUBLISHERS | $35 You’ll forgive us for assuming you’ve left behind a green body or two on your houseplant journey. Like people, some plants are fussier…