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Honeysuckle Magazine is a nationally-distributed print and digital publication bringing countercultural themes to the mainstream. We explore vast topics such as sex and sexuality, women’s issues, sustainability, social awareness and spirituality through diverse perspectives. From celebrities like Alan Cumming, Kirsten Dunst, Holly Hunter, and NFL legend Marvin Washington to experts across disciplines - scientists, industry leaders, award-winning authors, political activists, healers - to underrepresented communities, our coverage delves deeply into the subjects that shape our time. Our platform and audience are open and inclusive with a passion for sharing knowledge. Learn more at honeysucklemag.com and on our app for iTunes, Google Play, and Zinio. Email honey@honeysucklemag.com to shout your business out to a national audience.

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honeysuckle magazine

FOUNDER/PUBLISHER Ronit Pinto EXECUTIVE EDITOR Jaime Lubin MANAGING EDITOR Annie Iezzi SENIOR EDITOR Alex J. Huamán ASSOCIATE EDITOR Patricia Whyte CREATIVE DIRECTOR & COVER DESIGN Samuel C. Long ART DIRECTOR Rebecca McNew INTERIOR LAYOUT AND DESIGN Retro, B Olivia Bevacqua EDITORIAL Cosima Balletti-Thomas Jackie Hajdenberg Keyanah Nurse Angela Romanos Vickram Singh Xinyu Wang Chelsea Young CONTRIBUTORS Citizen Jay Daily James B. Hirsch James Meissner Kit O’Connell Lacey Jaye Yannelli SOCIAL JUSTICE James Litkett Shawanna Vaughn Arthur Rambert INTERNS Alexandra Farina Allison Hagg Afiya Thomas WEST COAST Nadya Rousseau MARKETING CONSULTANT Kymberly Byrnes PARTNERS NOCO Hemp Expo Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition SPECIAL THANKS TO David Pinto Samuel Clemens Long COVER IMAGE Giacobazzi Yanez…

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honey pot

Dear Honey Sucklers and Honey Potters: Thank you so much for joining us in the inaugural launch of the Honey Pot! Honey Pot started a few years ago, when Jaime Lubin, our executive editor, and I were at MJBizCON, the largest cannabis conference in the world on behalf of Honeysuckle Magazine, in advance of our CANNABIS-themed 6th print edition. Honeysuckle was the first cultural publication ever permitted to cover the MJBizCON and we were stoked. ‘What should we call the new ongoing column?” I asked Jaime, an ever-loving woman of puns. She looked at me and smiled: The Honey Pot! Little did we know that the people and topics in this very dynamic and emerging industry would win our hearts and fill the pages of its own, new magazine. We knew then,…

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one plant! what happened?

LET’S TALK about pot, weed, Mary Jane, sinsemilla, grass, dope, herb, chronic, bud or any other name you want to use. Today there are only two names that are relevant and defined by our federal government… Hemp and Marijuana. But did you know that they’re really all the same plant? It’s all one plant, Cannabis! Man has had a symbiotic relationship with cannabis for at least the last 5000 years of our recorded history. During this time we’ve molded the plant to our own needs for food, medicine, fiber, cordage, canvas, rope, paints, varnishes and much more. Prior to the early twentieth century, there were only two terms used for this plant: cannabis or hemp. The plant kingdom actually does not even mention the words hemp or marijuana, only the biological…

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a hemperors's life:

IF YOU’RE IN CANNABIS, YOU SHOULD BE IN IT FOR WHAT THE PLANT IS AND WHAT IT CAN DO AND WHAT IT WILL PROVIDE FOR HUMANITY. We’ve all read The Emperor Wears No Clothes. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? [It’s available for free download at jackherer.com.] The book is generally considered a cannabis activist’s prime instruction manual. Originally self-published, it started many a Gen-Xer and Millennial on the path to cannabis enlightenment—the knowledge and truth about cannabis: its origins and prohibition, its superpowers and its ability to literally “save the world.” Sadly, Jack Herer left us in 2010 before getting to see what the end of prohibition might actually look like in the United States. Fortunately, his son Dan has taken up his father’s mantle. Strongly influenced by his…

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medical milestones

Attracted to the plant’s sacred ability to heal, Joel Peterson and Danyal Durman opened a cannabis business, PriceLand Hemp Company, in the small farming community of Black River Falls, Wisconsin. The couple had no clue what they were up against nor could they ever predict how their idea to sell hemp and CBD products in a brick and mortar store would work. But since this business was the first of its kind in their town, it generated a flurry of publicity. Local news outlets and reporters alike rushed to get an interview. Cannabis, after all, always causes a stir. Plant medicine has always been part of Joel’s life: as a kid growing up on a small farm outside Black River Falls, he first learned of the medicinal properties of plants; he…

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a natural leader

The FaceTime blurs before coming to life, revealing Dani Billings–her red hair glowing under the Colorado sun. She relaxes on her patio, taking in the beautiful weather as her dogs play in the background. Dani is a leading female entrepreneur in the cannabis industry and the founder of Tastee Yummies. She entered the industry in 2008 with her mother, pioneering the all-organic edible company that would ultimately sell to Cheeba Chews in 2012. I question her decision to leave the field and she explains, “The industry, in my opinion, was not [embodying] the way people should be taken care of. There was a lot of greed, and people were out to one-up themselves and not help anyone in the process.” Aspiring to continue her work of helping people, she began studying esthetics and…