House Beautiful April/May 2020

The House Beautiful reader is someone whose home is her bedrock. She is always improving it because the process – and result – delights her. Happiness in her home comes from easy luxury and highly personal style. Her home is a gift to share with family and friends.

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open house portland, oregon

WANT TO TALK? E-MAIL ME AT EDITOR@HOUSEBEAUTIFUL.COM. Joanna Saltz: As far as I’m concerned, Portland is the sustainability capital of the country. Andee Hess: Local sourcing is something we’re super mindful of because we have amazing local makers and manufacturers. Pratt & Larson, for example, makes its tile here. Max Humphrey: In Portland, not only can you get local, you can get hyperlocal. You can get a table that’s made here out of reclaimed Oregon wood. Holly Freres: We take for granted what we have: Oregon black walnut, Oregon white oak from salvaged trees. We can go out to the yard and pick the slab we want. It’s at our fingertips. Andee: We’re always thinking, Is the company close? How you ship things is a really interesting way to think about sustainability. Carbon offset is a…

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woven up the walls

Printed In a room by designer Cameron Ruppert, the pearlized ink dots on Phillip Jeffries’ Rivets wallcovering resemble nailheads, a look reflected in the actual metal studs on the sofa. Embossed Designer Tom Stringer chose a Ralph Lauren faux crocodile wallpaper to bring texture and a sultry punch to this otherwise clean, classic space. “Dark colors resonate when they have a little gloss to them,” he tells HB. Upholstery When installed over cotton padding, the silk velvet Designer’s Guild fabric in this room by Alison Pickart is even more decadent—and also deadens sound. Shop the Look Our favorite fabric-inspired wallcoverings right now.…

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design deep dive: canopy beds

ON EVERYONE’S WISH LIST SINCE CHILDHOOD, canopy beds add a note of romance and grandeur to any bedroom. In medieval Europe, they were draped in layers of fabric to provide privacy and warmth for nobles—a move that’s still popular, if only for added drama. Perhaps most surprising is how versatile a canopy bed can be, adding coziness to a large room or height to a small one. But there are a few rules to know before you make the leap. 1. Before You Buy… Consider these three elements for a balanced composition. • Scale “Canopy beds are best in grand rooms to take up visual space or in petite ones to trick the eye into making them feel larger. Make sure the other pieces aren’t dwarfed.” —Melissa Warner Rothblum • Lighting “Think about the…

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the rufino report

“Take your home on a magic carpet ride through the jungle.”…

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breakfast in the garden

THE WALLPAPER, Antoinette Poisson’s Jaipur, features swirling botanicals lifted from an 18th-century document. “It was just burning a hole in my pocket, I was so desperate to use it,” says designer Rita Konig, who splashed the pattern over every bare wall in this Notting Hill kitchen. The fashion-industry home-owners took it in stride: “She was very much like, ‘Oh my god, it looks like Gucci!’” recalls Konig. Being repeat clients, they couldn’t have been too surprised; Konig is known for her textural, idiosyncratic interiors. Here, naturally, she doubled down. Calacatta Viola, a mauve-streaked marble, was selected for the countertops and range backsplash. Prior to hiring Konig, the owners had commissioned the kitchen’s cabinetry from Plain English—and by pure coincidence, Konig released a new line of colors with the same brand around…

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the great paint debate

LIGHT VS DARK DARK! “If you go too dark in a small room, it will feel like it’s closing in on you.” —Ashley Moore @moorehouseinteriors LIGHT! “When sunlight pours into a space, the right light paint can evoke a divine glow.”—Jenny Dina Kirschner @jdkinteriors“Dark colors recede and actually make a space feel larger. Plus, I’m all about the drama.”—Caitlin Murray @blacklacquerdesign DARK! “If a room is really small, you are not tricking anyone with paint. Make it moody! I’d rather spaces are interesting and small than still small and boring.”—Kate Lester @klinteriors Pro Picks: Light Paints Pro Picks: Dark Paints The Movie Theater Theory: “You know when you leave a movie theater in the middle of the day and your eyes can’t adjust? The same thing happens when you are in a light-filled room painted a dark color. Dark…