House Beautiful June/July 2020

The House Beautiful reader is someone whose home is her bedrock. She is always improving it because the process – and result – delights her. Happiness in her home comes from easy luxury and highly personal style. Her home is a gift to share with family and friends.

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design unites

“My eight-year-old daughter and I hosted a FaceTime ‘gallery night’ for her classmates, complete with kid-made art, a guided tour, and virtual snacks.”—Sarah Von Dreele, New York“We’re buying groceries for our elderly neighbors and leaving them on their doorsteps.”—Matt and Heather French, Santa Fe, NM“A friend of mine, Vianney Méndez, runs a small textile company in Oaxaca, Mexico. She had to close shop, so I commissioned a wall hanging from her to help the business.”—John Ike, New York“I’m sewing masks with donated fabric (we got enough to make 800!), and sent out kits for those who want to join.”—Stephanie Seal Brown, Louisville, KY“We donated cash to the LGBT youth organization called Center on Halsted to help it stay afloat.”—Tom Stringer, Chicago“I’m lucky to live and work in a neighborhood where…

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Feel the Breeze WATCHING THE SUN SET ON A LATE June evening. Admiring fall foliage with a blanket and a cup of tea. When screens became available in the 1880s, the screened-in porch was born—and with it, an ideal spot for outdoor living with indoor comforts. A well-designed enclosure is “somewhere you’ll actually want to hang out and a place to take pause,” says general contractor and designer Meredith Still. We talked to the pros to learn how to create the breezy yet modern bonus room of your dreams. 1 Decide How Often You’ll Use It Be honest with yourself. Then pick a design that ensures comfort. Just summer. Then your only issue will be beating the heat! Keep the space cool by planting trees nearby for shade, or install a ceiling fan to…

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outdoor fabrics

LOOKS ARE deceiving. Today’s outdoor fabrics range from hardwearing linens to shockingly lush chenilles and velvets. Upholster your outdoor cushions—or perhaps make privacy curtains—and watch them stay bright and clean through the worst of weather.…

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how to buy outdoor fabric

IS IT DURABLE ENOUGH? If your upholstery will see heavy use—from family and outdoor activities—you’ll want a fabric with a higher rub count (an indication of how much abrasion a weave can handle before it starts to wear). New York upholsterer Luther Quintana suggests sticking to outdoor fabrics that can withstand at least 50,000 double rubs: “Anything above that, and you won’t have to worry about upkeep or constantly be recovering cushions or pillows.” Note that for decorative use—such as outdoor draperies used to create more defined outdoor spaces—the rub count is not as important. WILL IT FADE? Check the textile’s color-fastness—this is a measure of how much sun it can handle before it starts to look faded. For the most part, any solution-dyed fabric—meaning the color is inherent in the yarn fibers—will…

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a culinary getaway by the pool

WHEN YOUR HOME is already in dreamland (California wine country), what do you do for a vacation house? Build it next door. Such was the case for this family, owners of a stately Victorian in Healdsburg, California, who enlisted designer Jennifer Robin and architect Stephen Sutro to devise a guesthouse—featuring a fully loaded, open-air kitchen just off the pool—on their property. “It’s a counterpoint to the main house’s traditional architecture,” Sutro says, “a visual backdrop for the end of the big lawn.” An average day in the alfresco kitchen might see overnight guests making breakfast, friends coming over for a barbecue, and swimsuit-clad kids running in for snacks. “It had to be comfortable for extended guest visits, yet rugged enough to tolerate poolside entertaining with children,” Robin says. Entertaining essentials like a…

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make it last!

A GREAT BOTTLE IS THE result of dedicated vintners, homegrown grapes, and time-tested techniques. At Moone-Tsai in Napa Valley, California, for example, Larry and MaryAnn Tsai harvest grapes from 20-to-100-year-old vines to make award-winning Cabernets, Chardonnays, and Bordeaux blends. To preserve the result of all that hard work—the incredible taste!—you need a “cave-like” environment: low vibration, humidity control, and UV protection. Signature Kitchen Suite’s Wine Column Refrigerator features all this technology—ensuring every sip tastes just as it was intended.…