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The House Beautiful reader is someone whose home is her bedrock. She is always improving it because the process – and result – delights her. Happiness in her home comes from easy luxury and highly personal style. Her home is a gift to share with family and friends.

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open house atlanta

WANT TO TALK? EMAIL ME AT EDITOR@HOUSEBEAUTIFUL.COM. Joanna Saltz: I’m curious: How is the design work in your own home different from your work for a client? Michel Smith Boyd: I’ve just completely torn up my main bedroom, and it’s exciting but scary. When I’m not working with clients, I almost have too many options. Suzanne Kasler: I agree. I try to use it as a laboratory for creativity—it’s kind of an exciting thing that you can push the envelope and design for yourself. A lot of times that does inspire the work we’re doing for clients. But there’s also a lot of pressure—good pressure, though! Erika Ward: I think it’s also an opportunity to do something that you maybe wanted to do for a client but couldn’t execute for whatever reason. Then if it…

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the gift of grape

WHETHER YOU’RE AN OENOPHILE WHOSE COLLECTION RIVALS THAT OF A TUSCAN VINEYARD or your entire vino vocab begins and ends with the word oaky, the right wine storage setup is a smart investment. Yes, it’s true that good safekeeping means big money: HomeAdvisor expert Dan DiClerico says a basic 25-square-foot, 500-bottle room typically starts at around $20,000, while a fully tricked out, 150-square-foot space could set you back $100,000. Thankfully there are tons of creative storage solutions and great tech for smaller spaces and budgets too. Read on and raise a glass.…

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before you build…

Cool Climate Keep humidity levels around 60 percent (dry enough to prevent mold but moist enough to keep corks from drying out) and the temperature at 55 degrees Fahrenheit or so, says Romanek. Install a compressor refrigeration system for a full room or go for an integrated wine cooler in a kitchen island. Proper Positioning Storing bottles horizontally keeps oxygen from slipping in through the cork. For those seeking form and function, think about a wall-spanning wood rack made from walnut, cherry, or mahogany—all of which can withstand higher humidity levels and keep mold at bay. Low Light Too much direct sun accelerates aging, so “be conscious of your exposures,” says designer Michelle Morgan Harrison. If you want to keep your collection on display, choose a UV-filtering glass enclosure and swap out incandescent for low-voltage…