House Beautiful April/May 2021

The House Beautiful reader is someone whose home is her bedrock. She is always improving it because the process – and result – delights her. Happiness in her home comes from easy luxury and highly personal style. Her home is a gift to share with family and friends.

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open house taking risks

WANT TO TALK? E-MAIL ME AT EDITOR@HOUSEBEAUTIFUL.COM. Joanna Saltz: You’re all known in the world for your creative risk-taking. Can you pinpoint a moment when you realized you were doing something different and what you learned? Bailey Li: The riskiest thing I did was to start painting wall murals into my projects. The first one I did was an 18-foot wall in a woman’s living room, and once I painted it I was scared to death she’d hate it! But she loved it; I posted that on my Instagram and it got a ton of attention and let me know I was on the right path. Jonathan Adler: I think that just being a creative is a risk. Probably the biggest risk I ever took (and the greatest reward!) was forsaking a conventional job…

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why creativity matters now

Vivian Diller, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, says having a spot set aside for creative expression is more important than ever: “It allows us to go beyond the box,” she says. “It makes us feel alive, an emotion many of us crave following the monotony of COVID.” So what does creativity look like to you? Potting Station With a sizable sink and faucet, this secluded space by designer Barry Dixon acts as a dedicated area for potting plants and trimming flowers. Gardening tools are stored on a bookshelf, and a curtain offers the option of enclosure. Weaving Workshop Artist Lindsey Campbell, who runs the weaving-centric blog Hello Hydrangea, keeps her crafting materials (yarn, rope, winders, and more) on display with an open bookshelf. Glass jars host remnants for recycling. Baskets assist with organization. Writing Retreat By installing a…

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getting the green light

DESIGNERS dream of clients like Kathleen Platt: fearless and trusting. So when Chicago-based SuzAnn Kletzien conjured a vivid green scheme with orange and brass accents for the renovation of Platt’s Lincoln Park kitchen, “There was zero hesitation,” the designer says. Platt, along with her husband, Daniel, and seven-year-old son, Lennox, inherited a standard white kitchen—albeit with good stainless steel appliances—when they moved into this home. Having worked together before, the homeowner says Kletzien “knew we wanted to push the envelope even further with this space.” After spotting a rich green in a Benjamin Moore showroom as part of a matte-finish-only paint line, Kletzien decided to color match it in a satin option that’s more durable for cabinetry. “The color was so vibrant, deep, and rich, it drew me into the showroom entrance,”…