House Beautiful June/July 2021

The House Beautiful reader is someone whose home is her bedrock. She is always improving it because the process – and result – delights her. Happiness in her home comes from easy luxury and highly personal style. Her home is a gift to share with family and friends.

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master your domain

The Home Depot has the accents featured on this page and more. Explore furniture and home accessories to transform your space at SCAN TO SHOP SOFA SO GOOD Angular mid-century modern furnishings are a stylish way to save and delineate space. A light color softens the mood. DESKTOP BACKGROUND A sleek workstation with built-in storage keeps your multiuse space calm and clutter-free. PATH TO ENLIGHTENMENT A mix of ambient and task lighting options creates atmosphere and helps hone your focus.…

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open house reimagination

Joanna Saltz: How have you seen the use of people’s homes, whether indoors or out, change over the past year? How are people rethinking what their spaces mean to them? Rachel Cannon: One of the things I heard a lot from clients last year was that their homes are not really designed for them to be in—they’re designed for them to be somewhere else most of the time, and land there for a little while. And so, even though they do have dining rooms and offices, what they don’t have is a place to escape. Fernando Wong: Not just inside, but outside, too; we create different venues within the backyard for different activities, and spaces for gathering. WANT TO TALK? E-MAIL ME AT EDITOR@HOUSEBEAUTIFUL.COM. David Godshall: More than being just gardens, landscapes also need to…

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first impressions

Storage for Your Stoop Between all the online orders and foot traffic, a secure spot for deliveries and accessories is more essential than ever. BELLA MANCINI: READ MCKENDREE. SHARON LEE: KARYN MILLET. RAJI RADHAKRISHNAN: JOSHUA MCHUGH. NICOLA HARDING: JAMES MCDONALD. SHERRY HART AND JENNIFER JONES CONDON, WHOLE HOME DESIGNERS: VICTORIA PEARSON.…

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lemonade strawberry slushie

SERVES: 2 (MAKES ABOUT 2 CUPS) PREP TIME: 5 MIN INGREDIENTS ½ cup water2 teaspoon agaveZest of one large lemonJuice from ½ zested lemon1½ cups frozen strawberries1 cup lemon sorbet (about 2 scoops) 1. Place ingredients, in order, into a high-speed blender. 2. Blend to a smooth and slushy consistency. 3. Make sure to scrape down the sides and stir if not blending easily. 4. Serve in glasses with lemon slices and strawberries for garnish. “Whether it’s a fill–up before sports practice or just a little for a recipe, we practically use our dispenser more than our faucet!”—Jo saltz LEARN MORE ABOUT PUTTING CLEANER WATER WITHIN REACH AT ELKAY.COM/EZH2O-LIV…

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the rufino report


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how to choose the perfect mattress

MAKE IT PERSONAL Scale the size to your space and match the firmness to your sleep style. Map out your bedroom to determine whether a king or a queen would be the best fit. If you sleep with a partner (or pets!), it may be worth sizing up. Find the right feel—Firm, Plush, or Ultra Plush—based on your usual sleep position. THINK LONG TERM A high-quality mattress should last up to 10 years, so invest in comfort, durability, and support. Research how it’s made—the materials used for the interior and the exterior can have a major impact on comfort and durability over time. TRUST THE LEGACY Seek out a brand with a proven track record. Stearns & Foster mattresses are crafted by hand, not mass-produced. So much care is put into them that each mattress…