Inspirations Issue 110

Referred to by readers as 'the World's most beautiful embroidery magazine', Inspirations is where you find the best classic hand embroidery by leading embroiderers throughout the world. Complemented with superbly styled photography and captivating stories, each issue brings a diverse collection of timeless projects from home wares and bags to gifts and accessories. A wide variety of embroidery techniques is presented with detailed and easy to follow instructions, step-by-step tutorials and full size patterns, making each issue a valuable resource for people new to embroidery and seasoned needleworkers alike.

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from the editor

EACH ISSUE OF INSPIRATIONS OPENS with several pages containing stories from around the globe that explore a fascinatingly eclectic range of topics: the embroidery practice of talented artists, important textile collections and exhibitions, notable community projects and important cultural stitching traditions are just some of the subjects we look at. These pages do more than provide an interesting introduction before we get to the projects within each issue. They are full of fabulous information and inspiring images and they help open our eyes to, and increase our knowledge of, some of the exciting things that are happening both locally and overseas in the wonderful world of embroidery. We get to see people and places that would otherwise remain hidden and we can gain an appreciation for how embroidery can touch…

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across cultures

“I didn’t begin my career in fashion to make beautiful dresses. I want to share ideas and tell stories through my work. To create a sort of marriage between my Italian background and international patterns. I want to produce something that has a mixed origin with its own distinct identity.”STELLA STELLA JEAN wanted to create textiles that echoed her own story. As a mixed-race Italian – her father is a blond-haired Italian and her mother a dark-skinned Haitian – she had her fair share of challenges growing up in the ’80s and ’90s when multicultural families were not a familiar sight in Italy. “People stopped in the street and pointed at us.” It was her own story that inspired Stella. By using it as inspiration, she started to create garments using button-down…

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filip + inna

“Tradition is the warp, and contemporary is the weft, woven together to create timeless and unique pieces of clothing that reflect the culture of the Philippines. We bring into each garment ancient techniques of weaving, embroidery and beadwork from different indigenous groups around the country. The human hand is seen and felt in each creation as the artisan breathes life into it. We believe that taking inspiration from culture is the best way to honour it. There is nothing like the work of the hands.” Although LENORA CABILI, founder of the fashion brand Filip + Inna, studied clothing technology and entrepreneurship on the advice of her family, she had no idea that her life would be dedicated to fashion and traditional crafts. That revelation only came later. Even though Lenora grew up…

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between the covers

Blooming Threads Lynne Stone | Self-published 2020 | Soft Cover 94pg ISBN 978-0-646-81469-8 | RRP $25.00 from Australian fibre artist Lynne Stone creates stunningly realistic and beautiful three-dimensional representations of Australian native flowers, including museum-commissioned pieces. Lynne has built on years of observation and experimentation, persistently developing and adapting her techniques in the planning and making of detailed, life-like botanical studies using machine embroidery, wire and hand-dyeing. Her passion has given her the drive to continue to create and innovate during an extended period of nomadic life, travelling around Australia in a bus, and beginning again after bushfire devastation. In this book, Lynne opens the doors to her workroom in Victoria, sharing the materials, tools and methods she uses to make her dimensional studies. The stitching aspect of each project is a combination…

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fairy godmother

“I am always looking at setting new benchmarks, not for the world but for myself. I breathe life into creativity and beauty, and that is something very magical for me in every and any aspect of my work.”NEETA NEETA LULLA is the fairy godmother of the fashion world. Just like a magic wand, her creative mind and design flair turn every client and Bollywood actress she works with into Cinderella dressed for the ball. Glass slipper and all. But, as fairy tales go, Neeta had a less than glamorous start in life. Growing up in a middle-class home in Hyderabad, Neeta was not interested in school or studying, preferring her social life and friends over her books. At sixteen she decided to get married to avoid further studies, only to discover that…

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violets & strawberries

Stitched onto silk twill with stranded and perlé silk threads, each diminutive roll is small enough to tuck in a sewing bag but who would want to hide them away? Choose from violets; the dainty Viola hederacea with softly coloured petals and lush, kidney-shaped leaves or strawberries; pure white flowers, fresh green foliage and ripe, red berries. Each roll has a pincushion and needle page and the violet roll also contains a scissor sheath. before you begin See the pattern download for the embroidery designs and templates We recommend that you read the complete article and instructions in the pattern download All embroidery is worked with ONE strand of thread unless specified these designs use Antwerp edging stitch | Back stitch | Bullion knot Corded detached blanket stitch | Cretan stitch Encroaching satin stitch Encroaching…