iPad + iPadOS 15 The Definitive Guide

September - February 2021/22

With the launch of their new operating system for the iPad, iPadOS 15 Apple have added a host of new features, apps and functions to your iPad. With this update the way your iPad works and how you use it have dramatically changed but our team of tech experts are here to help! Their years of insider experience have been put to perfect use compiling this exclusive and fully up-to-date independent manual to your iPhone and the iOS 15. With their indispensable help, you WILL get the very best from your iPhone and its iOS 15 operating system, so let’s get started!

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ipad hardware buttons and ports

iPads with a Home Button iPads with No Home Button Charging Your iPad. To charge, you need the Lightning or USB-C cable supplied with your iPad. Connect the larger end of this cable (the USB plug) to a computer or the mains adapter that came with your iPad. Make sure it’s the right way up in the socket. The smaller end (the Lightning or USB-C plug) goes into the slot in the base of your iPad (see below) and can go either way up. When it’s being charged, assuming it’s switched on, you can see a lightning icon in the top right corner of your iPad’s screen, on the battery icon. Turning On and Off. To turn your iPad on, press and hold the On/Off button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.…

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set up your ipad for the first time

1 Power Up Your Device When you first power up your new device you’re greeted with this welcome screen. To move on, press the Home button, as instructed. You can toggle the iPad’s VoiceOver function by triple clicking the Home button. The word ‘Hello’ in several different languages is displayed. Tap the ‘i’ icon in the bottom right for regulatory information 2 Choose Your Language You’re now asked to select your iPad’s language, which is used to display all information and menus. Scroll up and down to find your choice and then tap it to select. The most commonly used languages are at the top of the list. The iPad supports over 30 languages, several with regional variations, such as UK, American or Australian English. 3 Choose Your Country You’re then asked to choose your…

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your apple id how to set it up

1 Open Settings from the Home screen and scroll to the top of the left hand column. Tap ‘Sign in to your iPad’ right at the top of the list, then in the pop-up window, tap ‘Don’t have an Apple ID or forgot it?’ 2 Tap ‘Create Apple ID’ in the next window and then, when instructed, enter your first name, last name, and date of birth. When you’ve entered these details, tap Next in the top right to move on to the next step. 3 Next, you’re asked whether you want to use your current email address (if you have one) for your Apple ID, or get a free iCloud email address by tapping the ‘Do not have an email address?’ link. Choose one and tap Next to continue to the…

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face id or touch id unlock your ipad

Setting Up Face ID 1 Open the Settings app and scroll down the list of apps and features until you get to the one called Face ID & Passcode. Tap it to open these settings. 2 If you’ve set up a passcode on your iPad, whether four-digit, six-digit or alphanumeric, you must enter it now to get to the main Face ID settings screen. 3 Tap Set Up Face ID and on the next screen read the instructions; then tap Get Started. You can add two faces to Face ID. 4 Make sure the iPad is in portrait mode, then position your face within the frame. Move your head in a circle until the small white lines go green. 5 Tap Continue. You’re then asked to do exactly the same thing again, moving your head…

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internet access start surfing

1 To turn on Wi-Fi, go to Settings > Wi-Fi and turn Wi-Fi on (or you can use the Control Centre; see Control Centre tutorial), after which, the iPad searches for all networks in range of your device. 2 If you’re at home, pick your home network from the list and enter the security details to be allowed access. Take care to enter your password correctly, making sure, for example, that you don’t confuse the letter ‘O’ and a zero. 3 If you are in a public hotspot, maybe at a cafe or a hotel, it’s very unlikely to have security so you can just connect. You probably need to find out the login details from whoever is providing the Wi-Fi service. 4 From now on, whenever you are in range of this…

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setting up email configure it

Set Up iCloud Mail 1 Tap the Settings icon located on the Home screen of your iPad and scroll down on the left side panel and select the Mail option. From here, tap the Accounts option and then tap the Add Account link to start adding a new account on your iPad. 2 Your Apple ID’s iCloud email is likely already signed in; when you first set up. If you want to add another iCloud email account, tap the iCloud link and enter the Apple ID and password. Tap Next to automatically verify your details. 3 You’re taken to an options screen and asked what apps you want to sync over iCloud. Some apps and features, such as bookmarks, Photos, iCloud Drive, Notes, Backup and Find My iPad aren’t available with secondary accounts. 4…