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iPad User Magazine is the complete companion guide for owners of any iPad model, including the new iPad mini. Published every six weeks you’ll be kept up-to-date with the latest things to do on your iPad.

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Back in the early days of iOS (or ‘iPhone OS’, as it was known then), each update was relatively simple. You got a few headline features – such as the ability to copy and paste, or multitask, or install apps – and a couple of new checkboxes in the Settings app, and that was it. These were exciting, but it was all relatively simple. Over the last decade of updates, the new versions of iOS have become complicated. There aren’t many big features that need adding any more – it’s all about the changes that make it easier to use your iPad or iPhone in more advanced ways. That’s why we’ve dug even deeper in to the changes iOS 12 brings, so you get the most out of every new tool…

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ios 12 superguide

This is the time of year when your iOS devices get a raft of improvements and new features, thanks to a major software update. We’ve spent the summer months bearing with the beta versions of iOS 12, investigating fresh features and scouring for new settings and behaviours to bring you this comprehensive collection of tips. iOS 12 works on all the same devices as iOS 11, and Apple boldly claims that it delivers performance improvements to older devices, not just the latest ones. We’ll leave it up to you to determine the accuracy of Apple’s performance claims about iOS 12 being dramatically faster. But, we will say based on our time with iOS 12, other improvements bring enough benefits to consider this a great update. Check the apps and accessories you…

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new ways to navigate your ipad

The iPhone X revamped the way you get around Apple’s smartphone, and iOS 12 brings its more fluid navigational gestures to the iPad too. This is great news if you have an iPad and one of Apple’s newer iPhones, because you don’t have to adapt your thinking as you move between devices. See above for how iPad navigation has changed. Additionally, the clock has been moved to the top-left corner of the screen, which matches iPhone X. There’s no setting to move it back to the middle, though. 1 Review notifications Like in iOS 11, notifications can be reviewed by swiping down from the screen’s top edge – but avoid the right end, because… 2 Relocated controls The top-right corner is now reserved for Control Centre. Like on iPhone X, swipe downwards from the icons…

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protect yourself

Password practices often leave a lot to be desired, many of us reusing the same password in multiple places. If just one sites suffers a breach, you run the risk of those credentials being tried on other sites and services to gain access to even more of your information. So, iOS 12 does a few simple things to encourage you to adopt better habits. When creating an account on a website, iOS 11 would ask if you wanted it to create a secure password, but offered the option of cancelling and choosing your own. The difference in iOS 12 is subtle. The phrasing in its dialog tells you it has gone ahead and generated a strong password, though it doesn’t submit it to the website or app until you allow it. You retain…

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more versatile markup tools

The ability to mark up docs and images in any app where the Share sheet is available is immensely useful, but the tools were a little lacking in options – until now! 1 Line thickness After selecting one of the three drawing tools, tap on it a second time to reveal new options. There are five line thicknesses and an opacity slider. 2 Opacity reminder Sometimes you’ll see a tiny number displayed at the bottom of the selected tool’s graphic. That’s shown only when the tool is set to draw semi-transparent lines, reminding you to change that setting if it’s not what you want. 3 More colours! Do with your document, or maybe you want something that pops a bit more? You’re no longer limited to six colour presets. Tap the multicolour swatch to reveal a…

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keep track of battery usage

Battery life is the one concern that never goes away, so in recognition of that Apple has made the Settings > Battery page more visual and interactive to help. Additionally, it has extended the longterm view to 10 days, which may help if you find your phone runs low on power on specific days as you can compare your app activity and routine on them. The data visualisation has two parts: The top chart shows battery charge over time, and the bottom one shows activity from apps and services for each period, and an idea of how much of it took place while the screen was on or off. Below the new charts is a breakdown of apps’ energy usage, like in previous versions of iOS. You may see a new activity description…