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iPhone: The Complete Manual (A5)

iPhone: The Complete Manual (A5)

9th Edition

iPhone The Complete Manual is a handy and extensive guide covering the set up and use of Apple’s innovative smartphone. With detailed tutorials on how to use the various apps and amazing features, this is the perfect companion guide for getting the most out of your phone, for beginners and veterans alike. Featuring: An introduction to the iPhone - Discover why Apple’s iPhone is the most successful smartphone in this extensive overview. How to set up your iPhone - Follow the step by step tutorials to set up your iPhone in minutes, hassle-free. Using the app store - Explore hundreds of apps available in the Apple app store How to use your iPhone - Follow the easy instructions and tutorials to get to grips with your phone’s numerous functions and features.

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United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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the complete manual

The iPhone is the most popular smartphone on the market. From making calls and sending texts, to browsing the web and downloading music, Apple’s game-changing smartphone is both your ultimate business sidekick and complete source of entertainment. In this book, we take you through every step of using your iPhone and the new iOS 10, including how to set up your device, the gestures you’ll need to know, and the apps that open up a world of possibilities. We even show you how to pair up your iPhone and Apple Watch. The iPhone Complete Manual really is the best way to discover everything your iPhone has to offer.…

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an introduction to iphone

The original iPhone completely transformed the smartphone market. Its beautiful screen, versatility and fantastic built-in apps struck a chord with consumers and critics alike. It is built to run iOS (with plenty of updates available), the operating system also used in the equally as impressive iPad and iPod touch. So the general performance is as smooth as you could wish for. With finger-friendly icons and an environment that lets you get on with what you want to do, ease of use is apparent in every part of the software. When you also consider the long battery life, exceptional build quality and near perfect screen, you start to realise that this is a smartphone built for anyone who wants to work and play anywhere. Thousands of apps are available to extend the…

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set up your iphone

1 Turn your iPhone on To turn on your iPhone for the first time, press and hold the On/Off button (the lozenge-shaped button on the top right of the phone) for about three seconds. If your iPhone is new or has been recently reset you should be greeted with the Apple logo, then after ten seconds or so, a plain screen with ‘Hello’ written on it (Fig 1). 2 Resetting a pre-owned iPhone If, when you turn your iPhone on via the On/Off button, you are taken straight to the Home Screen, then your iPhone is already activated. If you wish to reset the iPhone so you can set it up as new, go to the Settings app and scroll down to the Reset option and ‘Erase All Contents And Settings’.…

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how to use your iphone

Using an iPhone is all about touch. There are very few hardware buttons included – aside from the Home button on the front, the On/Off button at the top and the volume and mute keys on the side – so it’s amazing that the iPhone is capable of doing so much. As well as the basic tasks that you would expect it do – turn on and off , go on standby, etc – you can use its incredible Multi-Touch screen (and the new 3D Touch on the 6S) in combination with the buttons to multitask and arrange and manage your apps to your heart’s content. Here are some of the basic actions you need to know about. Turn your iPhone off and on Put your iPhone to sleep Charging your iPhone Multitasking Manage your…

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hand gestures on your iphone

1 Tap Tapping is the main way you will navigate your iPhone. To open an app, you must tap it from your Home screen, for example (Fig 1). You’ll mainly be tapping the iPhone to select things like web links in Safari, songs in Music, or pictures in Photos. You’ll also need to tap to type on the on-screen keyboard when it appears in numerous apps such as Mail, Messages, Reminders and Notes. 2 Scroll & Swipe Scrolling is when you drag your finger up or down the iPhone’s screen (Fig 2), swiping is horizontal. Scrolling allows for you to run through information on the same screen, whilst swiping takes you from one screen to the next, or allows you to go to the next or previous page of a website…

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Home A new addition with the iOS 10 update, this app lets you connect to all Apple HomeKit products in your home, such as lights and appliances, and control them all from your device. Settings This is where you’ll be able to change how your iPhone works. You can connect to Wi-Fi, passcode-protect your device, and update the software, among many other things – all from this app. See page 32. Phone If you want to make calls on your iPhone then the Phone app allows you to access a keypad for inputting new numbers, browse your contacts database and much more. See page 44. Messages As well as sending normal text messages, you can also take advantage of iMessage – a free messaging service that enables you to text users with other…