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Jewelry Stringing Fall 2016

Explore Stringing’s amazing designs and be inspired to make your own creative jewelry. With each issue you’ll find projects galore, discover the hottest bead trends, learn the latest tips and tricks from the pros, exclusive money-saving design tips, and get step-by-step instructions for every skill level.

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more of everything

As I’m sitting down to write this letter, summer has just begun. And I’m working around the house to purge excess stuff that has accumulated, in preparation for a summer garage sale. As I go through a lifetime’s worth of possessions, memories are surfacing—of childhood interests, of special celebrations, of family adventures, of relationships lost. Once the purge is complete, I’m positive I’ll have room for a few more beads! And it just so happens that I have my eye on a dozen or so of the fabulous new beads, findings, and cords that we present in the following pages, in our annual Shopping Guide (page 14). In this guide, you’ll find the editors’ top picks for 2016, plus information on where to purchase each item. So start your shopping list…

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more inspiration

Pick up a copy of the first-ever Beading Daily Jewelry for dozens of projects using stringing, easy metal, wireworking, mixed media, and easy beadweaving techniques. On newsstands and at www.bit.ly/beading-daily -jewelry-sip-2016. Lindsay Burke of Fusion Beads presents 25 dazzling designs to dress up any outfit in her new book, Make It Sparkle. Available now at www.bit.ly/make-it-sparkle. Join us this October for workshops, demos, and tons of shopping at Bead Fest Fall in Tacoma, Washington! Register now at beadfest.com.…

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MATERIALS 1 red 10×15mm coral teardrop ($0.33) 1 blue 5×15mm ceramic or stone shard ($0.45) 1 brown 6×21mm ceramic or stone shard ($0.45) 1 blue-and-tan 12×70mm ceramic “Breathe” pendant ($5.90) 1 brick red 30mm ceramic flower ($0.66) 1 brass 19×33mm swivel lobster clasp ($1.25) 2" of brass 11×15mm oval chain ($0.31) 18" of multicolored 6mm woven cotton cord ($1.85) 5" of chocolate brown 3mm leather cord ($0.14) 12" of brass 21-gauge wire ($0.46) TOOLS Round-nose pliers Chain- or flat-nose pliers Scissors Wire cutters FINISHED SIZE: 21½" 1 ] Attach the pendant to one end of the chain by opening and closing the link as you would a jump ring. 2 ] Use one 4" piece of wire and the red teardrop to form a wrapped-loop bail on the second chain link from the end used in Step 1. Repeat entire step using the blue shard, then repeat again…

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jill mackay

Jewelry designer Jill MacKay’s work on The Guiding Light and Star Trek: The Next Generation has given her a notable level of fame, and she continues to be a prolific and trendsetting designer with a style grounded in natural, organic, and romantic forms and patterns. Jill’s designs have been published in numerous books and magazines, and she recently visited our Fort Collins, Colorado, studio to film two Interweave videos to introduce her new line of leather-cutting dies from Sizzix. (For more about the Sizzix Big Shot die cutting machine, see page 24.) Q: How did you get started with jewelry design? A: I had an amazing teacher named Miriam Brigham, who was one of the only people in the country teaching silver-smithing at the high school level at that time. I did…

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featured video

Leather never goes out of style! The Sizzix Big Shot machine lets you die-cut your own leather pieces to create custom jewelry, and Jill MacKay’s new line of leather-cutting dies will ensure that your designs are hip and stylish. For tips on how to work with die-cut leather components, including how to embellish your jewelry with ink, paint, crystals, beads, and metal, check out Jill’s new videos. (To see the Big Shot die cutting machine and Jill’s dies, check out our Shopping Guide on page 24.)…

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turnaround triangles

MATERIALS 4 violet blue 36×17mm embossed leather polka-dot triangle tags 3 black 36×17mm embossed leather polka-dot triangle tags 3 burgundy 36×17mm embossed leather polka-dot triangle tags 10 copper 3/32" diameter 3/32" long hollow rivets 30 copper 4mm 22-gauge jump rings 18 copper 6mm 18-gauge jump rings 2 copper 7mm button clasps TOOLS 1.25mm metal hole punch EZ-Rivet punch and flaring tool with 3/32" adapter kit 2 pairs of chain- or flat-nose pliers FINISHED SIZE: 6¾" Tip: The punch and flaring tool will only work with hollow rivets. 1 ] Use the piercing bar of the punch and flaring tool to punch a hole ¼" from the base of each triangle. Place a rivet in each hole and use the flaring bar of the tool to flare the end of each rivet, making sure the flared end is on the back of each triangle. 2 ]…