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Jewelry Stringing Winter 2016

Explore Stringing’s amazing designs and be inspired to make your own creative jewelry. With each issue you’ll find projects galore, discover the hottest bead trends, learn the latest tips and tricks from the pros, exclusive money-saving design tips, and get step-by-step instructions for every skill level.

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’tis the season

Besides attending an occasional wedding, I don’t have many reasons to dress up anymore. I mean really dress up—you know, pull out the party dress and high heels and don the sparkly jewelry. As the holiday season approaches each year, I imagine getting glammed up for a fancy New Year’s Eve party. But who are we kidding?! As a busy working mom of a young child, I barely have the energy to stay awake ‘til her bedtime, let alone dance the night away! However, there are plenty of you out there who will have occasion to sparkle and shine this holiday season. To help you look party-perfect, we’ve gathered six shimmery necklaces in our Mirror, Mirror section (page 23). And don’t miss our feature article, Party Head to Toe (page 17),…

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the stringing challenge

1. Lavon Peters (MANAGING EDITOR) The beads in this kit are one of my favorite colorways: purple! But as a new beader, I wasn’t sure where to start with so many sparkly components. Naturally, I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration—and in no time I created a multistrand necklace that I’m now looking for an occasion to wear! I tried to incorporate as many of the kit components as possible, and I added pearls from a wrist corsage strap from a recent wedding. THE SOURCE: JesseJamesBeads.com (484) 894-5043 BUY THE KIT www.bit.ly/challengekit-jesse-james 2. Stephanie LaRosa (READER PARTICIPANT) I love the beads selected for this challenge, and I knew I wanted to make a long necklace that slips on over a sweater or a sparkly party dress. I couldn't find any tassels that I liked, so I…

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beadworthy products, news, and more

Express Yourself These fun Emojicon charms from JBB Findings are a great way to express a little love, happiness, silliness, or other emotion in your next jewelry design. And the pewter rose bail and elongated glue-on bail add the perfect feminine accent to any piece. Purchase Emojicons in gold- or silver-plated for $0.99 each and bails starting at $2.52 at Artbeads.com. Vintage Artistry These vintage-style pewter pendants from Beaducation meticulously display the ornate beauty of the baroque era. Soft enough to easily stamp with a favorite name or word, these pendants are available in six different shapes and sizes starting at $6.20; www.beaducation.com. Music for Your Muse Think a little music can help ignite your creativity? A new website curated especially for creative types by Grammy-nominated musician Ronnda Cadle features a variety of downloadable tunes…

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er in siegel

Q& Q: How do you keep your choice of materials fresh? A: I am a fashion jewelry designer. So, the ever-changing landscape of the fashion world keeps my material and color choices fresh. Q: What is the inspiration behind your design style? A: I’m inspired by casual, everyday fashion. I love to create jewelry pieces that could be worn with jeans and a T-shirt or a sundress. I’m also inspired by foreign cultures, bright and bold ethnic motifs, and exotic materials from around the world. Q: Do you have a favorite quote or saying about beading or creativity? A: “You can’t use up creativity. The more you create, the more creativity and ideas you will have.” I’ve always found that to be so uplifting and encouraging! Q: How did you come up with the idea for Bohemian-Inspired…

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bohemian-inspired jewelry

Erin Siegel’s widely known expertise in bohemian jewelry design went viral when she and coauthor Lorelei Eurto published Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry: 50 Designs Using Leather, Ribbon, and Cords. The pages of this book are overflowing with designs featuring bohemian-style materials and utilizing stringing, knotting, wire-wrapping, and other techniques in the most impressive fashions. From simple to more complex designs, authors Eurto and Siegel maximize bohemian jewelry possibilities using simple components, fun techniques, and affordably priced materials. Get the hard copy at www.bit.ly/ bohemian-inspired-jewelry-book, or the digital download at www.bit.ly/bohemian-inspired-jewelry.…

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adepa wrap bracelet

MATERIALS 4.5 g gold-finish size 8° seed beads 1 red/orange/gray 15mm glass African trade donut bead 9' each of 4-ply Irish waxed linen cord in orange, garnet, sunflower, and slate gray 48" of garnet 1.5mm Greek leather cord TOOLS Scissors Ruler FINISHED SIZE: 20" Tip: This piece can be wrapped around the wrist three times or worn as a necklace. 1 ] Fold the leather cord in half. Form an overhand knot at the folded end, creating a ¾" loop or a loop large enough to fit over the donut bead. 2 ] Use all 4 linen cords to form an overhand knot around the leather cord just below the previous knot, leaving a 2" tail on each linen cord. *Use the short tail of 1 piece of linen cord to string 3 seed beads and form an overhand knot 1" from…