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Summer 2021

Filled with North America's most gorgeous kitchens and baths, Beautiful Kitchens & Baths focuses on the spectacular products and high-end design solutions that make a space truly envy-inducing. Gorgeous photos bring to life top designers' most amazing work, showcasing rich architecture, fabulous finishes, and luxurious features. These are rooms meant to inspire and to put a face on your dreams.

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from the editor

THE KITCHEN IS OFTEN DESCRIBED as the heart of the home, the hub of activity, and the place where everyone wants to be. But sometimes the kitchen can also be an escape. It’s where we go to brew that early-morning cup of coffee or to try a new recipe. In my kitchen, I love to listen to music while preparing dinner after a busy day of work. Creating a sense of calm in the kitchen is an often overlooked but essential element of great design. Turn to page 16 to learn how top designers, including renowned Chicago designer Donna Mondi, usher a feeling of wellbeing, simplicity, and calm into the luxurious spaces they create. This issue, we also turn our attention to another big trend in kitchen and bath design—smart technology.…

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big style in a small space

When interior designer Donna DuFresne was asked to design a kitchen remodel of a 1903 Colonial home in Portland, Oregon, she didn’t hesitate to say yes, nor did she need the address. Over the past 10 years, DuFresne and the homeowners had collaborated together on every other room in the house. Their combined love of a modern-classic style, no-holds-barred color, and use of every inch of space makes this one-of-kind family-friendly kitchen a showstopper. Q AS THE DESIGNER, WHAT WERE YOUR PRIMARY GOALS TO MEET THE HOMEOWNERSÕ NEEDS? We wanted to keep costs down, remodel within exterior walls, and improve space for designated areas: breakfast room, office, and pantry. This is an active family with two teenage sons, and they love to cook. The kitchen is a workhorse. Choosing materials that stand…

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bold lighting


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calm kitchens

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crafting a sophisticated & serene space

Q IT SEEMS THAT HOMEOWNERS TODAY ARE GRAVITATING TOWARD SIMPLER, QUIETER DESIGNS. WHY DO YOU THINK THAT IS AND HOW DO YOU BRING THAT SENSE OF CALM INTO YOUR OWN PROJECTS? We see kitchens going in two opposite directions. There’s a big push toward minimalism and utilitarianism that I believe stems from the noise of the outside world that is constantly permeating our inner worlds. For calming interiors, we keep the contrast low by using colors that softly blend into one another. Simplifying the cabinets with slab fronts and concealed hardware, integrated lighting, and easy-to-clean surfaces make this style so appealing. On the flip side, classical and traditional elements are sneaking back in and adding a timeless decadence that has been missing for the last decade. We’ve been incorporating fluted panels…

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time-saving tech

GET STARTED High-tech solutions require a high-powered network. “The most important thing you can invest in is a strong network—it is the backbone for all the technology in your home,” says Giles Sutton, co-CEO of CEDIA, the home technology integration association. “To be able to handle multiple devices, you need more than the router the cable company left in the corner of your home. Depending on how many people and devices the network is supporting, you may need a few things hardwired throughout the home to create the seamless network you desire.” Visit to find a local technology integrator to help you determine the necessary network updates to meet your household’s technology needs. LOOK, NO HANDS! Installing a smart faucet is a simple way to boost your kitchen or bath’s IQ. Depending…