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win 1 of 5 ps4s with playstation plus carbon pack

GRAB AN OUTFIT AND BACK BLING TO REPRESENT YOUR VICTORY ROYALE IN STYLE WITH THE PLAYSTATION®PLUS CARBON PACK. We want you to play Fortnite in ultimate style, so this prize not only incudes a PS4 1TB Pro Console, but an annual PS Plus membership that enables you to download this awesome new Carbon Pack! Get entering if you want to be the coolest player on the island! THIS PACK INCLUDES: • Carbon Commando Oufit - Battle Royale & Creative only • Carbon Pack Back Bling - Battle Royale & Creative only (all items are cosmetic and do not affect gameplay.) There’s only one place you can win this incredible Fortnite prize - and that’s right here in KRASH Presents… Fortnite! So enter NOW and enter OFTEN - as long as each individual entry is unique.…

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patrolling the fort

Good and bad, you can’t argue that Season 8 of Fortnite has been the most riveting yet. It started with such a bang – literally – thanks to a volcanic eruption, the arrival of pirates and the continued threat of the Ice King. The Creation Mode has kept growing at an astounding rate, too, with a stunning catalogue of user-created experience appearing every week. But the main focus has been the upcoming Fortnite World Cup. As you know, the World Cup offers a different set of competitive rules than the standard Battle Royale experience, and to help players train for the big event, mid-season these rules were added into the main experience. However, they only lasted a short time before they were taken away, with Epic Games revealing that the new…

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fortnite world cup gets bigger

The Creative Mode in Fortnite has been an absolute hit! You’ll see in our monthly wrap-up later on in this issue just how many cool things have been added to the fun as the mode continues to grow at an extraordinary rate. Now things have gotten really exciting, with Epic Games making the surprise announcement that the Creative Mode will feature at the Fortnite World Cup in July! Depending on when you read this, you should have a few weeks still left to compete in one of the trial events. From the week starting April 29 to the week ending June 7. Each period is actually a bit longer than a week, and they overlap slightly, too. During that period, Epic Games will issue an event challenge where all members of…

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fortnite goes boom!

As you well know, you can never rest on your laurels in the world of Fortnite Battle Royale. There are constantly changes, deletions and additions being brought to the game through patches, and we’re going to take you through the latest, and give you some tips on how to best use them. Let’s start with some of the smaller changes. The Baller, which has been a huge addition this season, has received yet another health point reduction. It’s dropped from 300 to 200, which means you have to be more cautious with the way you approach combat zones. Where at first you could swing in head on, create havoc, and then swing out, now you’re better off considering a more stealth-like approach. You can now cycle through items in your hotbar while…

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back from the dead

It was somewhat fitting that ahead of the Easter break, Epic Games introduced a resurrection feature into the Fortnite landscape. Many had seen it coming. Hackers had already found references to a Reboot Van hidden in the code. Plus, the respawn feature that was introduced in rival game Apex Legends had been such a hit that it always felt like Epic Games might copy it and bring it to Fortnite. And copy it the studio has: the way it works is very similar to Apex Legends. When a player in your squad dies, they drop a Reboot Card that you can pick it up and take it to a Reboot Van to activate it. You can carry multiple cards at once, too, and as soon as one player in your squad…

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is it marvelous?

Did you get a chance to play the Endgame Limited Time Mode? It was awesome. We had seen some previous links between Marvel and Fortnite in the past, but nothing as big as this. Timed with the release of the Avengers: Endgame movie, the Endgame LTM – as well as some new Marvel-themed skins – transformed the Fortnite Island into an all new game experience. It was almost like some of the creative competitive modes of a Call of Duty or Battlefield, only super-powered! In this mode, the player base was split into two teams: the heroes and the villains. The villains’ job was to capture the six Infinity stones scattered around the island map. The heroes’ job was to stop them by killing all the villains. Luckily, the heroes would…