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win 1 of 5 ps4s with playstation plus carbon pack

GRAB AN OUTFIT AND BACK BLING TO REPRESENT YOUR VICTORY ROYALE IN STYLE WITH THE PLAYSTATION®PLUS CARBON PACK. We want you to play Fortnite in ultimate style, so this prize not only incudes a PS4 1TB Pro Console, but an annual PS Plus membership that enables you to download this awesome new Carbon Pack! Get entering if you want to be the coolest player on the island! This pack includes: • Carbon Commando Oufit - Battle Royale & Creative only • Carbon Pack Back Bling - Battle Royale & Creative only (all items are cosmetic and do not affect gameplay.) There’s only one place you can win this incredible Fortnite prize - and that’s right here in KRASH Presents… Fortnite! So enter NOW and enter OFTEN - as long as each individual entry is unique.…

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fortnite’s future fantastic

How are you enjoying Season 9? It already seems like ages ago, but it sure started with a bang. As Season 8 wound its way to an end, players got to experience a pretty awesome The Avengers promotion, with a great new game mode, skins and more. We also got digging, especially around Loot Lake. The once picturesque location was turned into a huge excavation site. Underneath it all was a secret research facility that was linked to an odd alien platform floating around the map. Eventually this location would become the portal to one of Epic Games’ most interesting ideas yet. A mass player voting station, where you were able to enter into an alternate void and then help other players excavate one of the vaulted items from the game…

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how to play arena mode

Every ladder starts on the first rung and if you want to see yourself become a serious pro player duking it out in major tournaments, or even making it to the World Cup, it’s time to go into Arena Mode. This is a new competitive space that – unlike limited time Events – is always on. These are ranked matches, comparing you directly with the rest of the Fortnite world and showing you a clear pathway from the bottom to the top. Matches in Arena Mode also behave to a different set of guidelines, called the Competitive Rules. The infamous Siphon changes from patch 8.20 still work here, meaning you’ll gain health/shield buffs when you kill players, and there is a material cap of 500 – even though you harvest resources…

5 Min.
patrolling the fort

The way we play Fortnite has changed dramatically over the last two seasons; with a host of vehicles and weapons relegated to the vault, and new ideas like the Slipstream and Pirate Cannon taking over. The X-4 Stormwing is gone, but Sky Platforms have arrived. And week after week, the endless well of creativity the developers at Epic Games have been able to reach into seems to never run dry. Vault Life Epic Games has been busy opening and closing the vault through the start of Season 9. While the Drum Gun, Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle and Grenades have both been returned to the game, there has been a stack of items taken out of the action. That includes; Clingers, Pump Shotgun, Poison Dart Trap, Scoped Revolver, Suppressed Assault Rifle, Thermal Assault Rifle,…

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take to the skies

SWIMMING THE SLIPSTREAM In the future, we don’t need roads. Isn’t that what Doctor Emmett Brown told us all in Back to the Future? And it turns out he was right. When the future came to the Fortnite island, it brought with it Slipstream travel. No doubt you have already seen it in action: it’s a great concept and one that offers plenty of versatility in how it is used. • When you jump off the bus, aim for a Slipstream. This prevents you from auto-deploying straight away, and then you can fire yourself out the bottom of the Slipstream to get to the ground quicker than other players.• If you jump out of the slipstream, you will continue on in the direction you are facing through the air. You can use…

2 Min.
ranking season 9’s skins

Each season we see a number of new skins drop into the Fortnite world for those who pick up the Battle Pass, but some are a lot better than others. So who wins and who fails the Season 9 fashion parade? Let’s find out. DID YOU KNOW Not only did Season 9 introduce the ability to pat pets, but it also introduced a new back bling animal. At Tier 28 you can unlock Kyo, who looks a lot like a robotic cat. How futuristic – meow! 1 BUNKER JONESY (Tier 23) We just love this guy, even though at the start of Season 9 we discovered he had blended Peely and then drunk the beloved banana character. Harsh! Still, we love the awesome long beard and Jonesy’s perpetually ashamed look as together they keep…