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5 Min.
patrolling the fort

Depending on when you read this, Season 9 is coming to an end, or Season 10 has just started. Either way, it’s a tumultuous period for the game. You need to be paying a lot of attention if you want to stay in the know with this most bizarre of universes. So let’s recap on everything that has happened this month. When we last left you, we were being introduced to the futuristic new feel of Fortnite after the Volcano exploded and our heroes hid away in a vault to ride out the apocalypse. Through the start of Season 9, things stayed pretty quiet as everyone went about finding the new Fortbytes. Then rumours about a Cattus event began. The origins of the event trace back to the exploding volcano, when a…

3 Min.
flipping the storm

• Throw the Storm Flip into an enemy fort and they will either be forced to run from cover, or take plenty of damage waiting it out. Make sure you are ready with a long-range weapon to take out anyone who tries to escape or prepare to attack after the 20 second duration. • Remember you can counter a Storm Flip with a Storm Flip. So, if someone throws a Storm Flip into your location, consider throwing yours down at your feet. This will create a Safe Zone within The Storm bubble, keeping you from getting damaged without forcing you to run out of cover. • If you’re trapped in The Storm, use a Storm Flip as a chance to heal. You have 20 seconds to revitalise before you will need to…

5 Min.
tools of death

Have you got your head around the latest and greatest additions to the Fortnite arsenal? Are you struggling now that your favourite tools have been vaulted and removed from the game? As Season 9 has rolled on and Season 10 begins, developer Epic Games has made some considerable changes to what is available in the game. Here is everything you need to know and some vital tips to getting that victory royale. IN THE VAULT It’s always sad when your favourite weapon or item is removed from the Fortnite world. Remember; while these weapons may be removed from the main game, you can still play around with them in the Playground and Creative Modes. × Supressed Machine Gun× Hunting Rifles× Boom Bow× Dual Pistols× Dynamite BURST SMG Don’t let the look of this cute little…

8 Min.
bytes & pieces

How have you been going collecting your Fortbytes? Every day during Season 9 a new Fortbyte has appeared somewhere on the map or been awarded for completing a certain challenge. If you collect them all – some of which do require the Battle Pass - you will not only earn yourself a very cool skin, but you will learn a vital part of the story that explains the mystery behind this strange season. The Fortbytes don’t appear in the correct order, of course, so it can become quite confusing keeping track of what you have and haven’t found. In this guide we’ll show you how to get all the Fortbytes we’ve found so far to help you solve the mystery and get the skin. SECRET FORTBYTE LOCATION GUIDE Fortbyte #2: Look for the…

10 Min.
fortnite at the melbourne esports open

On the weekend of August 31 to September 1, across three venues around Melbourne’s Albert Park, the best gamers in the country will be throwing down the gauntlet and looking to win big money. The event is being run by the world’s biggest eSports organisation, the ESL, with tickets available through TEG now for those who want to watch it all live or even get on stage and play. Fortnite joins the likes of Overwatch, Minecraft, League of Legends and Rainbow Six in competition, unfolding across Melbourne Arena, Margaret Court Arena, and Grand Slam Oval. We caught up with the ESL’s operations manager, Josh Inman, and a professional player, A1beats, to get more info. PUTTING ON A TOURNAMENT WITH JOSH INMAN YOU STARTED OFF AS AN ESPORTS COMMENTATOR AND NOW YOU’RE RUNNING THE…

5 Min.
best of e3

Every year, all the major developers and journalists from around the world head to Los Angeles, USA, for a week of big new reveals and first-looks at upcoming games. It’s called the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 for short, and it’s always massive. Your humble GameSta has been heading over to E3 for years and can attest to how crazy it is – so many games! Even though most of us spend the majority of our gaming time looting the Fortnite island dry and dancing on the graves of fallen foes, we still mix it up every now and again with other games. In this guide, we’re going to take you through the most important E3 announcements, and run through some of the upcoming games looking to compete against Fortnite…