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KRASH June 2019

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speak up

PO Box 230, Double Bay NSW 1360. WHAT’S UP KRASH? All the other mags rule... lies! But there is only one mag in the world that rules everything and that’s KRASH! I have only two KRASH mags and I’m hooked! I love KRASH because of KKRASH Klash. You put up two characters against each other and predict who wins and I think that’s kool! KRASH mag should be all over the news saying that it is the best mag ever made! JP HEY KRASH, I love your mag, but can you put more Ben 10 stuff. Everything is all right but I love Ben 10. I even have a crush on him. I just want to hold his hand… but I am getting a little off track. Your mag is so cool…

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win newz storm boy blu-rays!

AN ENCHANTING AND TIMELESS CLASSIC AUSTRALIAN STORY OF AN UNUSUAL AND UNCONDITIONAL FRIENDSHIP THAT PULLS AT YOUR HEARTSTRINGS! Based on the beloved bestselling Australian novel, and inspired by the 1976 classic film, the remarkable adventures and special bond that has a profound effect on the lives of a young boy and orphaned pelicans is encompassed in this movie. STORM BOY IS OUT NOW ON BLU-RAY, DVD AND DIGITAL. ENTER TO WIN To celebrate the home release of Storm Boy we have 15 copies to give away on Blu-ray. For your chance to win simply go to page 6 for details on how to either post or email your entry. Good luck! For full terms and conditions please go to www.krash.com.au/terms, or just click ‘Terms and Conditions’ at the bottom of the home page.…

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lightsaber sport

The force is strong in France following the French Fencing Federation officially recognising ‘lightsaber duelling’ as a competitive sport. The iconic weapon, made famous from the popular Star Wars films, has been allocated the same status as other blades allowing competitors to hone their Luke Skywalker skills. Whilst the LED-lit lightsabers are harmless, they reportedly look, feel and sound very similar to those featured in the movies. Federation secretary general, Serge Aubailly, hopes the popularity of Star Wars characters, such as, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader will attract young people to the overarching sport of fencing. A new set of rules govern the movie-inspired sport with participants required to wear masks and armour. Matches occur in a circle taped on the floor with the winner being the first…

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scruffy sneakers

Designer fashion brand, Gucci, has released a pair of sneakers intentionally created to look worn-out and dirty. The ‘Screener’ sneakers, priced at around $870, were inspired by 1970’s basketball shoes and are available in three different styles - if you can afford them! Gucci’s website describes the sneakers as, “the multicolour Screener sneakers - named for the defensive sports move - reference the colours of the House Web stripe, treated for an all-over distressed effect.” The shoes are accompanied with special instructions for cleaning any “real” dirt off them and also feature a high-top variety which costs $930. The scruffy-looking shoes have sparked debate across social media with one person commenting, “Some people have more money than sense. It’s ridiculous.”…

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police canine cloned

Scientists in southwest China’s Yunnan province have cloned what they refer to as the “Sherlock Holmes of police dogs” in hopes to reduce time and costs associated with training police dogs. The dog, named Kunxun, was created by the Beijing-based Sinogene Biotechnology Company, the Yunnan Agricultural University and the Ministry of Public Security. Sinogene’s deputy general manager, Zhao Jinping, explained that the company aims to achieve “volume production” of cloned police canines, however, admitted the finances involved remain a challenge. Kunxun will undergo extensive training including crowd control and searching for evidence. Training a police dog usually takes about five years and can cost up to $100,000 with no guarantee of success.…

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pensioner pole vault

An avid 84-year-old pole vaulter shows no signs off stoping anytime soon. Flo Filion Meiler recently attended the World Masters Athletics Championship Indoor, in Poland, competing in the long jump, 60 metre hurdles, 800 metre run, pentathlon and the pole vault. Meiler, from Shelburne, Vermont, claims she feels more like 70 than nearly 85 and explained, “I do train five days a week. And when I found out I was going to compete at the worlds, I trained six days a week because I knew I would really need to get my body in shape.” The impressive elderly athlete added that her favourite events are hurdles and the pole vault. Meiler’s coach, Emmaline Berg, described the woman as being “incredibly serious about what she does... she pretty much structures her…