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KRASH July 2019

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speak up

HI KRASH My name is Aiden, I am 9 and I am from HMAS Cerberus in Victoria. This is my drawing of Shazam and I drew it from one of your KRASH Klashes. I hope you like it and it would be cool if you could put it in your magazine. Thanks for making your magazines. They are cool. AIDEN YO KRASH My name is Brodie. I am seven. My favourite part of your mag is WWE and I think the best wrestlers are the Undertaker and Roman Reigns. Keep up the good work. I love your mag. BRODIE TO KRASH My name is Ash. Your mag rocks a lot and I am one of your biggest fans. My fav thing is WWE. I started collecting since I was six so I really…

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win teamsteal micro motorl packs!

Each Micro Motorz is a micro-size drifting car that comes with a cool unboxing experience. Tear the wrapper off and find three inter-connected packs. Kids then twist and snap off the first pack to find a tuning tool that works with the car. Pack two reveals a tuning accessory, such as a big block engine or spoiler, plus the launching plate. The final and biggest pack contains the car in a display case that converts to a launcher and converts back again so kids can show off their collection after playing. Cases can click together to stack as well! SERIES ONE INCLUDES 21 CARS ACROSS FOUR DIFFERENT TEAMS; SPEED DEMONZ, HOT RODZ, NITRO CHARGERZ AND MONSTER TREADZ!…

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big-ticket burger

A Japanese chef has created the world’s most expensive hamburger with a price tag of over $1,200. Served at the Oak Door Steakhouse, in Tokyo’s Roppongi district, the Golden Giant Burger features one kilogram of Wagyu beef slices, a goose liver paste, shaved truffle, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and onions. The huge bun measures six inches wide, 10 inches tall and is completed with a decadent dusting of gold. The fancy fast food item was launched to celebrate the appointment of the new Japanese emperor, Crown Prince Naruhito. The chef responsible for the Golden Giant Burger, Patrick Shimada, said, “As a fourth-generation Japanese, I am honoured to witness this exciting time of change in Imperial era while working in Japan.” Guests wishing to try the indulgent burger need to place their…

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cafe’s chocolate challenge

Thousands of chocolate lovers have attempted and failed Slattery’s Patisserie and Chocolatier’s chocolate challenge. For around $30, visitors to the Manchester diner are invited to take on a warm chocolate fudge cake, homemade ice cream, fresh cream, two chocolate sauce pots, chocolate coins and a mug of hot chocolate. Running for several years, over 8,000 people have faced the chocolate challenge, but, only three percent have claimed victory. Restaurant manager, Mark Walker, said, “Lots of people think it’ll be easy and they get quite competitive, but, then when it comes to it, they just can’t do it.” Emma Gill attempted the tasty trial with her sister and recalled, “The cake alone is enough... Just getting through that is a task in itself. In fact we failed, miserably.” Those who successfully…

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A Canadian company claim to have unofficially broken a Guinness World Record by successfully completing 509 consecutive high fives in three minutes. Celebrating National High Five Day, Stacey Klasson, alongside 30 other colleagues at the Johnston Group in Winnipeg, explained the team practiced for months together during their lunch breaks, stating, “It took us a while to get a technique, and we realised, how can we be faster? Every time we would try to better ourselves.” The group attempted three official high fiving record-breaking sessions ending with totals of 494, 489 and finally 509. The Johnston Group have since submitted a video and supporting evidence to the Guinness World Records in hopes for official recognition. The previous record of 492 consecutive high fives was set in July, 2017, in London.…

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spicy spider sauce

A hot sauce has been developed that induces the symptoms of a bite from a venomous spider. ‘Scientific Steve’s Venom Chilli Sauce’ presents a challenge to those possessing a ridiculously high spice and pain tolerance. Kent research firm, Venomtech, in the United Kingdom based the condiment on the effects of a Trinidad Chevron tarantula bite which can include muscle spasms and burning pain. Managing director and founder of Venomtech, Steven Trim, explained, “It’s a similar heat component that the venom would cause... Nobody has been foolish enough to try the venom... We finally hit on the idea of doing a synthetic inspired sauce.” ‘Scientific Steve’s Venom Chilli Sauce’ uses a synthetic poison, meaning that no tarantulas were actually harmed during development. People brave (or crazy) enough to try the spicy…