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speak up

HI KRASH What up, KRASH?! You guys are awesome! Boy you have the best mag of all time. My classroom is filled with your mags. I’ve seen all the KRASH Klash, Gamesta and so on. Right now I’m begging my parents to get prizes. Your jokes make me laugh out loud. I’m your #1 fan and always will be. work Keep . up Peace the out good . ADAM YO KRASH Hey KRASHers I love you so much . You’re the best mag ever. You make K-Zone look like a piece of poo. K-Zone is for babies and then you come in with Call of Duty and Fortnite and WWE. You are way better! SUNJAY TO KRASH Hey KRASH, you’re the best mag on Earth. My favourite part of the magazine is…

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pizza box plates

The future of pizza has arrived, well, the future of pizza boxes at least. The latest cardboard invention to hit Australia is made from recycled materials and transforms into disposable plates. Founder of West Metro Packaging Co, Philip Bonvino, discovered Greenbox, a pizza box where the top tears into four cardboard plates and the bottom folds into a storage container for leftovers. Bonvino claimed, “People are amazed with the box, especially how it morphs into a takeaway container, almost like a transformer.” The environmentally friendly boxes are currently being manufactured in each Australian state using recycled paper. Bonivo added, “We hope in a small way, we can help Australian pizzerias replace outmoded pizza boxes and support them on their journey towards zero waste.”…

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rocket-power skateboard

An American high-school student has unveiled a rocket-powered skateboard in the quest to break a Guinness World Record. Marcus Targonski, from Charlottesville, recruited a group of friends and together they spent several months planning, sketching and constructing the invention. Targonski explained, “We began to draft using 3D modeling software to figure out how we wanted to lay the board out and what we wanted to do.” The skateboard is powered by what is essentially a smaller scale version of a jet plane engine. In trial attempts, the skateboard reportedly reached speeds of approximately 96 kilometres per hour. However, to qualify for the Guinness World Record, Targonski must be able to maintain the skateboard’s top speed for 100 metres in two directions. The impressive inventor wants to study aerospace engineering when…

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✸ cheese ✸ chase

The Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling competition was hosted recently in Gloucester, England. Canadian first-time competitor, Mark Kit, was deemed the winner of the third men’s race and said, “I took the first 10 steps and I just started sliding and the next thing I knew I was at the bottom and nobody else beat me.” Kit revealed he had dreamed of achieving cheese rolling glory since viewing a video of the unusual race when he was 13-years-old. Winner of the first men’s downhill race, Max McDougall recalled, “It was better than last year when I knocked myself out.” The annual competition attracts thousands of spectators to Cooper’s Hill who watch participants chase large wheels of cheese down the 45-degree slope. The women’s race was won by Flo Early, who after capturing…

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gyrocopter journey

Two men have successfully flown across Russia in an open-cockpit gyrocopter. James Ketchell and Norman Surplus from Britain, embarked on their journey earlier this year in a gyrocopter which travels at around 128 kilometres per hour. Recently, the pair became stuck in a Russian port city in east Siberia as they waited for better weather. Ketchell explained, “The flying has been very long and we’ve been flying over unforgiving terrain... But, aside from that it has been quite straight-forward.” Throughout their journey, the adventurers have shared photos on social media of the beautiful landscapes and mountains despite facing extreme weather conditions. The goal for the gyrocopter flyers is to travel across 13 different countries including France, Lithuania, Russia, Canada and Greenland, before returning to England.…

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cushion spinning ✸ success ✸

Englishman, Dan Spencer, has successfully broken the Guinness World Record by spinning a cushion on his finger for 18 minutes and 14 seconds. An employee of the Morrisons store in Brighton, Spencer completed the challenge in a chair at his workplace. Supported by his wife, Hayley, who coordinated timekeepers and filmed the attempt, Spencer beat the previous record of 15 minutes and seven seconds. The cushion spinner said, “I started doing it when I was about 10-years-old when I was watching the telly with my mum... I would sit there and spin a pillow in the front room and it drove her mad.” The record breaking stunt also raised money for the charity, Guide Dogs. A proud Mrs. Spencer added, “It was really good seeing him achieve this and it…