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Few parts of the world can match the Greater Kruger Lowveld for its wildlife, natural and cultural diversity or the unique customer experience it offers to each visitor to this iconic region. Our targeted content is produced by leading journalists, photographers, videographers and graphic designers. We also draw on resources of a domestic and international network of expert contributors. Seasonally themed quarterly issues offer exciting information and content. The KRUGER MAGAZINE’s impressively broad editorial mix will offer engaging reading and satisfy not only the avid wildlife lover, adventurer, passionate photographer and domestic and international tourist, but also conservationists, researchers, and armchair travellers, amongst others. The KRUGER MAGAZINE offers essential content for anyone with a passion for wildlife who wants to understand and experience Africa’s Greater Kruger – a celebration of Africa’s GREATER KRUGER!

South Africa
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setting the scene

As we head towards autumn, we can look forward to cooler weather as well as a reduction in the density of the vegetation in the Greater Kruger region – let’s face it, it’s not quite as easy to spot animals at this time of year! On the plus side, those you do see are generally in peak condition and the Greater Kruger region looks beautiful in autumn: still green, yet burnished with the gorgeous colours of the red bushwillow (Combretum apiculatum) and the white kirkia (Kirkia acuminata)... There is so much to appreciate in the Greater Kruger region that one barely knows where to start – but KRUGER MAGAZINE strives to enhance your journey with nature! In this issue, you can learn more about the wondrous marula tree, every single part…

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from the publisher’s pen

With so many firsts for issue 3, we cannot wait to see this issue in circulation and on the newsstand and look forward to the feedback from our readers, which has been so positive for the first two issues! Thank you, readers – we value your praises, but most of all, we thank you for buying and subscribing to our magazine. Without the revenue we generate from this, we would never be able to reach one of our most valued goals – to be able to give back to a deserving conservation project. Know that the money you spend makes this possible. Our very first project was the martial eagle research we featured in our inaugural issue in September 2017 – read all about our fulfilling our pledge on page 15. Another…

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favourite spots

Following the excitement on KRUGER MAGAZINE’s Facebook group when Graeme Mitchley shared the sequence of events at a leopard sighting at Biyamiti Weir, Meldt van der Spuy conceptualised our regular column, FAVOURITE SPOTS. For issue 3, the editorial team selected the Top 5 ‘FAVOURITE SPOTS’ shared by the members of our Facebook community and KRUGER MAGAZINE Facebook members then enjoyed the opportunity to vote for their favourite entry. Facebook members shared fascinating stories, beautiful photographs and unique experiences with the community and, based on a popular vote for the most favourite entry, Mariska Nortjé has been invited to share her favourite spot and a selection of photographs captured by her at this spot with all our readers! Pat Botha Sable Dam – My favourite spot! While the first signs of dawn appear on the…

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feedback on our first deserving project

From the outset, one of the main purposes of publishing KRUGER MAGAZINE has been to be able to give back to nature by way of pledging 15% of our total net copy sales revenue to a deserving project featured in each issue. Here, we provide feedback on the project we featured in our inaugural issue, Issue 1 – Spring 2017. This will become a regular insert in each issue of KRUGER MAGAZINE. It is with great pride – and extreme humility – that we report on our privilege in being able to donate well-deserved funds to The Fitzpatrick Institute of African Ornithology at UCT, which manages the Martial Eagle project. We contacted project manager Megan Murgatroyd with the good news, and received her feedback: “Thank you, KRUGER MAGAZINE – we are thrilled with the…

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launched! rhino revolution: searching for new solutions

Authors: Clive and Anton Walker Published by: Jacana Release: March 2018 ISBN: 978-1-4314-2568-6 Genre: Natural History Recommended retail price: R350 « Clive Walker entered the battle for the rhino with the founding of the Endangered Wildlife Trust in 1973. He co-founded the Rhino and Elephant Foundation and the African Rhino Owners Association and served on the IUCN African Rhino Specialist Group for close on 14 years. He served as a member of the South African Parks Board from 2000 to 2006. « Anton Walker, Clive’s son, grew up largely at Lapalala Wilderness, the reserve that was to become an important rhino sanctuary and a world-class environmental school in the bush. Anton joined the permanent staff of the reserve in 1996 and was the general manager of the 45 000-hectare sanctuary until October 2017. He has since taken…

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superb berg-en-dal

Situated in the southwest of the Kruger National Park and only 11km from Malelane Gate, Berg-en-Dal lies in the beautiful mountain bushveld of the Mpumalanga province. The new Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport lies just 25km from Nelspruit, which is half-an-hour's drive from Malelane Gate off the R570 and N4. Berg-en-Dal opened in 1984 and is known as one of the new-generation camps in the Kruger National Park, offering visitors outstanding accommodation and lodging facilities. Situated on the bank of the Matjulu Spruit, and set within natural bush, the gardens are planted with flowering shrubs and aloes, and great care is taken to preserve the natural vegetation in the camp area, which attracts a variety of grazers within the camp. Birdlife is exceptional in this woodland area, and if you are an…