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Few parts of the world can match the Greater Kruger Lowveld for its wildlife, natural and cultural diversity or the unique customer experience it offers to each visitor to this iconic region. Our targeted content is produced by leading journalists, photographers, videographers and graphic designers. We also draw on resources of a domestic and international network of expert contributors. Seasonally themed quarterly issues offer exciting information and content. The KRUGER MAGAZINE’s impressively broad editorial mix will offer engaging reading and satisfy not only the avid wildlife lover, adventurer, passionate photographer and domestic and international tourist, but also conservationists, researchers, and armchair travellers, amongst others. The KRUGER MAGAZINE offers essential content for anyone with a passion for wildlife who wants to understand and experience Africa’s Greater Kruger – a celebration of Africa’s GREATER KRUGER!

South Africa
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setting the scene

Summer is here and the rainy season for the upper part of South Africa has started. This means beautiful shades of green are appearing all over the Greater Kruger region. Newborn animal babies everywhere make all our amateur photographers grab their cameras for that winning photograph. And our amateur photographers have once again showered our Amateur Photo Competition with stunning entries. Congratulations to our top 10 entries, and our Most Favourite entry, which our members voted for, on page 74. On page 30 we feature the exquisite cheetah followed by EWT’s Cheetah Photographic Census – our choice of the deserving project for this issue. It is always an eye-opener when it comes to projects like these. Many of these projects are unknown and we do not always realise that many species…

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from the publisher’s pen

Here we are – at the end of 2018. For us, this year was so blessed – being able to say that KRUGER MAGAZINE is growing with each issue, is more than we could have hoped for. Our Facebook group’s membership has exceeded the 34 000 mark now and is growing every day. This time of the year one tends to reflect, and knowing that it was a good year, humbles oneself. This edition has again reminded us how fortunate we are to be able to put together an exceptional publication – and about the things around us. The jewels around each corner, the surprising new facts with each Species ID, amazing people we meet and stunning places we see – and all because we wanted to share our love for nature! So…

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favourite spots

For non-stop action and sheer diversity of sightings, the Sunset Dam at Lower Sabie is hard to beat! Considering that the best spots for early morning photography face west to get the best light, the dam is ideally situated. An added advantage is that you can drive very close to the s edge on (H-), giving you the opportunity to do full-frame shots of a wide variety of subjects. We make frequent visits to the dam when staying in the southern part of the park and more often than not, when we stay at Lower Sabie camp we head up the gate-opening queue to get a ringside position at the dam. A wide variety of waders and other water birds are particularly active in the early morning. 4 Memorable Sunset Dam sightings! 1 The yellow-billed…

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feedback on our fourth deserving project elephants alive

This group of people have, through their studies of elephants over the past 20 years, opened our eyes to innovative ways to best manage expanding populations in fenced reserves within South Africa. The elephant has always been, and will always be, one of the icons of our nature reserves and parks. The fascinating outcome of the study done on the movements of elephants ensures as little human-elephant conflict as possible, to ensure we as nature lovers will always have the privilege of being able to enjoy these gentle giants. Our donation to this worthy project, which we featured in issue 4 of KRUGER MAGAZINE, humbles us. With the good news about our donation, we received a thank you note from Harriet Nimmo, Development Manager for Elephants Alive: “A very big thank you to KRUGER…

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coffee at crocodile bridge

Crocodile Bridge is a small but delightful camp. THE PARK’s SHOP is similar in character and is managed by a passionate team, led by Mariëtte Strydom. Mariëtte has dedicated 17 years to the Park and her love of all things Kruger is evident in the shop improvements and stoep extension, completed in early September. Too often, we would only see the rear number plate of visiting cars as they drove right past this little gem – without knowing it was there. Now the shop entrance has been positioned to face the main gate and welcomes every traveller with a cosy, comfortable stoep-setting – the perfect spot to sit and relax after a long drive. The store is filled with beautiful gifts, delicious coffee and wonderful sweet and savoury treats. Rumour has it…

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my first visit to kruger greater

Remembering good times is awesome, but remembering that first time you did something amazing in your life is precious, and a good way to start any conversation. It is also a way of connecting with people, for enjoyable ‘first times’ are normally shared without reservation. It is the enjoyable things in our lives that create bonds of friendship and kinship among like-minded individuals. In Issue 3 – Autumn 2018, we wrote about KNP opening its doors to the public in 1926, and how amazing it must have been to have been there in those days. We also asked readers to share their first-time visits to the Greater Kruger. We received quite a number of responses! We hope to receive lots more. My love of the Kruger National Park started out when I…