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I know life is not sunshine and roses at the moment and we have tried to be mindful of that with what we have produced this month. I hope that the content provides you with an escape, lifts your spirits and brightens up the day, even if it is snowing outside! My first self-drive Land Rover adventure as a journalist was to Mozambique in a pretty standard Discovery 2 Td5 auto with the new headlights. To get to the place we were staying you had to drive through these tidal saltwater mangrove swamps. It was just bloody fantastic and it effortlessly took us four adults and our kit everywhere we dared to try and go on that trip. That was nearly 20 years ago and there is no reason why that…

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Send your letters to Normal for Norfolk I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I enjoyed the interview with Richard Hall (Winter LRM) and learning more about him. I always enjoy his Norfolk Garage articles in your magazine and I’m also the proud owner of one of his first restoration Series II, which also features on the cover of his book. David Wakefield Even very experienced DIY owners tell us that they always learn something new when they read Richard’s workshop exploits – Ed. New Defender too expensive I have bad news for Phil Gorman (and JLR generally): new Defender is not priced comparably with others in the market. Given that Defender is supposedly JLR’s utility vehicle, it should be compared with such vehicles as the Ford Ranger. A standard cab Ranger costs…

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HOSE REMOVAL PLIERS PRICE: £17.52 CONTACT: Using regular pliers or a screwdriver to remove a hose from a fixing can damage the hose or surrounds. These Hose Removal Pliers will make sure that does not happen when dealing with hoses with diameters between 4 and 10 mm. Thanks to its spring loaded heavy-duty construction the removal of hoses will be a breeze. Includes 8 mm and 10 mm open-ended spanners on the handles. BRAKE SERVICING KIT PRICE: £98.76 CONTACT: Imagine having all the tools needed to service your brakes in one handy kit? Well you can. This set from Laser Tools includes impact quality bit sockets, EU Registered Design punches (to remove dirty and corroded brake pins), a pound-through screwdriver and a selection of cleaning tools to ensure the brake pads can be…

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billing off road show 2021

IN terms of the show circuit 2020 was a disaster for the car scene and a let-down for enthusiasts. If you wanted your Land Rover fix you had two options: Indulge yourself in a book dedicated to the marque (or your favourite magazine, of course) or through your vehicle itself – whether that was working on it or getting behind the wheel as and when regulations allowed. While 2021 hasn’t exactly got off to a great start with all four UK nations under lockdown, a new variant spreading more rapidly than the original version and hospitals under increasing pressure, there is hope for the near future in the form of a vaccine (or three!), and so it is with certain confidence that event organisers are now beginning to get excited about…

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land rover returns to the dakar in 2021

LAND Rover has strong ties with Dakar Rally after a Range Rover won the inaugural event in 1979, before triumphing again in 1981, so it’s only fitting that its latest and toughest product should be providing on-event support for a team’s two drivers, medical crew and support staff across the gruelling 13-day, 12-stage, 4751 mile event. The two Defender 110s will support ambitious new Dakar Rally and Prodrive-backed team, Bahrain Raid Xtreme (BRX). Negotiating extreme conditions, traversing desert dunes, mud, camel grass and rocks they will carry vital supplies, crew and equipment for the team and drivers. BRX’s driver line-up is impressive to say the least and includes nine-time World Rally Champion, Sébastien Loeb, from France, and two-time Dakar Rally winner, Nani Roma, from Spain. The two Indus Silver models, powered by…

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je motorworks creates cleanest-ever defender

CALLING on over four decades of designing and developing innovative improvements and solutions for Land Rovers, JE MotorWorks is pleased to announce that its most recent initiative enables owners of pre-2016 Defenders to clean up their act. We’re not talking about changing the way they behave of course, but an upgrade for their Land Rover, which passes the stringent Euro-6c emissions standards set in November. Its popular Ford 2.3 GDiT petrol engine swap, which it’s offered customers since 2018, has now successfully achieved the necessary fine emissions performance (including allowances for deterioration). This makes it the cleanest-performing combustion engine conversion offered commercially in a traditional Defender. In fact, the upgrade is so effective it allows these vehicles to be used in some low-emission zones without having to pay any charges. Based on…