Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist

Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist September/October 2019

In every issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist you’ll get hands-on expertise, illustrated demos, and projects loaded with valuable tips and design ideas to inspire your own metal jewelry designs. Plus our experts answer all your technical questions, and you’ll learn the pros’ favorite tools and how to use them.

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every tool you need to work in metal

Economy Flex Shaft • 1/8 HP motor (22,000 rpm) • No. 30 style handpiece • Reinforced shaft & sheath 236-971 $59.00 Pepetools Super Ring Bender • Redesigned for more power • 7 piston/die sets • Aluminum stand 390-715 $193.90 Disc Cutter & Die Set • 10 steel cutters (1/8 to 1-1/4") • Nylon center positioning dies • Wood stand & urethane pad 190-005 $128.50 Bench Pin, Anvil, & Mandrel Holder Set Oval bracelet mandrel, round ring mandrel, bench pin, & holder with integrated anvil 110-249 $55.50 Jeweler’s Bench • UPS shippable • Solid wood construction • Sweeps drawer, tool shelf, arm rests, & storage drawers 110-234 $285.00 Butane Torch Soldering Kit • Butane Micro Torch • Prip’s Flux & Dispenser • Electric Pickle Pot & Sparex • Soldering Tools 456-145 $79.50 Economy Rolling Mill • Two sets of rolls: flat and grooved (for wire making) • 76 mm wide hardened rolls • 4:1 gear reduction 190-891 $289.90 Contenti 800-343-3364 | 401-305-3000 | contenti.com 515 Narragansett Park Drive, Pawtucket, RI 02861 USA…

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what’s real?

“IN INDUSTRY FACEBOOK POSTS, jewelers say they fear consumers will get confused between manmade gems and real,” reports Betsy Lehndorff in a short piece about her interest in some manmade emerald rough. Seems to me if they’d stop suggesting that real is the opposite of manmade, we’d have much less confusion all around. If you see it, hold it, plop it in a setting… it’s real, all right, it’s not a figment of anyone’s imagination or a hologram, now is it? It’s not a fake, either, unless someone is trying to pass it off as something, anything, that it isn’t — which would also apply for anything else on earth. It’s not a rip-off unless someone is charging a predatorily exorbitant price for it — ditto. More than that, a manmade emerald,…

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your turn

Design Challenges Your Design Riffs Designs based on projects and jewelry shown in previous issues of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist. Next Time Riff on the design of any of these or other pieces within this issue, using a design feature such as color, texture, form, value, line, space, repetition, balance, contrast, unity, or variety for your sketch. Please indicate which piece your entry is based on. Your Settings Sketch a setting for this labradorite cabochon. From Smokin’ Stones, page 36. DEADLINES: OCTOBER 31, 2019 Email digital scans at 300 DPI or send photocopies of no more than three sketches per challenge, indicating the design factor that is your starting point. Sketches will not be returned. WRITE TO US ANYTIME: What do you think about what you’ve seen and read in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist? SEND SKETCHES & LETTERS for…

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their turn

Micki Lippe’s Earrings Roman glass, 22K gold, sterling silver → “STATE OF THE ART’S INDUSTRY,” p.72 Jeff Fulkerson’s Wings Tribute Pendant Sterling silver Army Air Corp wings from WWII, turquoise, elk horn, ruby → “CIRCLE OF LIFE,” p.62 Betsy Lehndorff’s Gems at Your Feet Pendant Gravel, sterling silver, freshwater pearl → “ROUGHING IT IN THE LAB,” p.86 → “MANMADE/HANDMADE,” p.88 Roger Halas’s Seahorse Ring Brass, bronze, armoring rivets → “ADORN YOUR INNER PIRATE,” p.60 Peggy Haupt’s Pendant Chrysocolla, azurite/malachite, onyx cabochons, sterling silver → “COMING UP DAISIES,” p.76 Victoria Lansford’s Rumi’s Luminous Confections Necklace Sterling silver, 22K and 24K gold, rainbow hematite → “STATE OF THE ART’S INDUSTRY,” p.72 Kieu Pham Gray’s Shadow Box Link Bracelet Sterling silver, assorted gem stones → “BLUE AND YELLOW LAB,” p.38 Jim Grahl’s Cuff Tanzanite, 18K white gold → “LIVE IT & LEARN IT,” p.66 Become an LJJA Contributor! Contributors’ guidelines for print or online publication can be found at www.interweave.com/jewelry…

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suite sales

FRUSTRATED WITH THE limitations of juried craft shows, many jewelry artists have begun to experiment with putting on their own private showings. Trunk shows hosted in private homes are one option, but for artists who make high-end work, a crowd is not always conducive to sales. As Judith Kaufman says, “I don’t think people like to buy things in front of other people at this price point.” A more ambitious option is to rent a hotel suite in a city where you have a core customer base. When you know many will be in town, send out invitations, set up your displays, and host a private showing over a couple days. More and more jewelry artists are experimenting with private showings in high-end hotels. Those I’ve spoken to say they’ve been surprised and…

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a fine finish

WHEN I BEGAN TO MAKE JEWELRY, I used metal and stone just like paint, paper, and ink — as mediums of artistic expression. Focused on getting an idea out of my head and into my hands, I often worked without finishing just to expand my skill set. Nowadays, I find myself fussing over edges, surfaces, and contours way more than I used to. I want my work to express ideas — and function, appeal to my design sense, and feel good to touch or wear. Now that I’m concerned with finish, too, I’ve become inordinately fond of abrasive papers, files, polishing compounds, and professional stone setting tools. Abrasives There is nothing like a studio purge to get your juices flowing. Last year, I promised myself that I would use up all the…