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apple to hold new product event on 25 march

We’ve been waiting for Apple to announce a spring event this year, as the company often makes at least one major announcement before its Worldwide Developers Conference in the summer. According to BuzzFeed’s John Paczkowski, we could be hearing about a spring event soon. He reports that Apple is working on an event for 25 March, which will be held at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park. Sources tell BuzzFeed that the event headliner will be a new Apple news subscription service that works with the News app in iOS and macOS. Coincidentally, the Wall Street Journal reported in February that Apple wants a whopping 50 percent of the revenue that publishers generate through the service – a cut they won’t accept. The WSJ also states that publishers don’t get…

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apple reported to launch new video service soon

Apple has been long-rumoured to have a TV service in the works. Now, according to a new report from CNBC, the service is nearly ready to launch. It claims that Apple is finalizing its deals and software, with an expected launch in April or May. A separate report from Bloomberg says that Apple invited big Hollywood names involved with Apple’s original TV series to attend a 25 March unveiling of the service. The stars include Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner, and J.J. Abrams. It would correspond with a new TV app for iOS and Apple TV devices that lets users subscribe to streaming services right within the app, and all their content consolidated within it. In that way, it will be similar to Amazon Channels, though we hope it has a…

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in two years, the mac, iphone and ipad will be able to run the same apps

Apple announced that the company has no plans to merge iOS and macOS during its Worldwide Developers Conference last year, but it also said it’s working on a way for developers to write apps that work on both operating systems. Project Marzipan, as Apple calls it, wasn’t discussed in much detail at WWDC, but Apple described the News, Stocks, Home, and Voice Memos apps that come with macOS Mojave as examples of Marzipan at work. And we haven’t heard a lot about Marzipan since WWDC. In February, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported that Marzipan could be in the spotlight for this year’s WWDC. According to Gurman, Apple could release a software development kit at the conference that will allow iPad developers to port their apps to the Mac. Then, in 2020, Apple…

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eset cyber security pro for mac

Price: £39.99 from fave.co/2VJQBOo Forget about the cringeworthy name; ESET Cyber Security Pro is a solid anti-virus suite for Mac. AV-Test (fave.co/2EVDaoR) gave ESET CSP a perfect score on its widespread and prevalent malware test in December, the most recent test available. Our own checks produced a similar result when testing ESET CSP on a MacBook running macOS Mojave (AV-Test used High Sierra). ESET had no trouble blocking most of the threats on WICAR’s test site (fave.co/2EXj11N) of prevalent web-based attacks. The only issue we noticed was that ESET didn’t detect the Adobe Flash hacking team leak; however, we tested on Safari without an active Flash plug-in. Moving over to spot checks with malware from the Objective See repository, ESET immediately detected trojans, back doors, and ransomware. These threats were revealed as soon…

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alien skin exposure x4

Price: $119 (around £90) from fave.co/2EWePPO Alien Skin Exposure X4 is a prosumer app targeted to photo hobbyists and enthusiasts who want to kick their photographic output up a notch or two. While the app – which works both as a standalone or a plug-into Photoshop – specializes in raw images, it’s also compatible with a variety of formats including Tiff, Jpeg and Psd. Version X4 offers improved shadow and highlight recovery for improved detail. New, customizable light effects add drama to your compositions while new transform tools let you correct keystone tilt and other skewed perspectives. In addition to photographic features, Exposure X4’s Smart Collections let you more efficiently organize your photo library using keywords, ratings, and colours. A tethered shooting feature, mostly targeted to professional photographers, lets you monitor folders and…

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loopback 2

Price: $119 (around £90) from fave.co/2tV4xZQ If you’ve ever used a app that accepts an audio input and was frustrated that you can specify only one piece of audio hardware, or if you’ve wanted to route the sound output of an app into a Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or other conversation, Rogue Amoeba’s Loopback is the program you need. The latest version improves significantly on its predecessor, which itself was quite powerful. The app lets you combine hardware audio – like mics and line input – with the audio output of apps and system-level components, like Text-to-Speech, to create virtual audio devices. A combined audio device appears as a single item you can select as an input in programs like GarageBand or Skype. You can also select it as an output device,…