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Macworld magazine is the world's best-selling Apple magazine, featuring in-depth reviews, expert advice, how tos and essential guides to Macs, iPads, iPhones and related products, as well as everything you need to know about Mac OS X, iOS and associated software including iTunes and more. If you are new to Apple and are looking for advice to help you get started, or if you are a Mac fanatic looking to justify your next buy, Macworld is the magazine to ensure you make the right decision. Macworld is created by an international team of experts based in London and San Francisco, join use every issue as we analyse the latest product announcements from the world’s biggest (and best) technology company.

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everything apple announced at wwdc 2019

Apple’s big WWDC keynote is over, and the tech giant had a lot to say in its over-two-hour presentation. If, however, you don’t have time to sit through the whole thing and want to catch up quickly, here’s a summary of the highlights. tvOS Apple kicked off the conference by talking about updates to tvOS, which runs on its Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K products. It was recently given a refresh with the new TV app (see page 77), and now Apple is giving us a look at how the entire operating system will change in the autumn. New home screen: The Apple TV home screen will now play full-screen preview video that suggests content you may want to watch. Multi-user support: You can add multiple users to your Apple TV and…

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5 announcements that will have the greatest impact

Everybody is talking about the Mac Pro and the Pro Display XDR (see page 17), but at those sky-high prices, Apple is going to be lucky to sell even a million of them. They’re very cool products for serious creative professionals, but they don’t mean anything at all for the vast majority of the billion-plus Apple users out there. Some of the other things Apple announced will have much bigger consequences for you. 1. Privacy crackdown Take the new privacy stuff in iOS 13 (see page 11). It’s not sexy, but it may drastically change the way popular apps operate. Right now, many apps let you sign in using Google or Facebook. This is convenient, but it also gives the app – and Google or Facebook – all sorts of data about you. Personal…

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new mac pro: 3 reasons to excited about workstation

Two years after Apple officially confirmed that it was working on a new Mac Pro, the machine finally made an appearance during WWDC’s keynote. And it didn’t disappoint. You’ll find no ‘trash cans’ here. Instead, the new design riffs on the ‘cheese grater’ Mac Pros that were so popular in the past decade. That’s a strong signal to video editors and other content creators who need a lot of graphics and CPU power. The Mac Pro feels ‘pro’ again, and to complement that power, Apple also announced a new 32in Pro Display XDR that’s a massive upgrade over the old Thunderbolt Display. “It’s incredible,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said, and we’re inclined to agree. Just watch out for an incredible price tag: for an entry-level price of $5,999 [£tbc], you get…

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guide to macos catalina

As we saw on page 18, Apple has announced the details of the next version of macOS including its name – Catalina – and when it will be released – the autumn. Project Catalyst We’ll start off with perhaps the most exciting piece of news for Mac users (and even more exciting for developers). Apple will be making it easier for developers to port iOS apps to the Mac. This is great for developers since they won’t need to spend time and money writing code for two different apps. Plus, it’s good for Mac users because they will see an increase in apps available on the Mac platform. By unifying the app development it is hoped that third-party Mac apps will be updated more frequently. Currently, most development funding goes to iOS apps. Apple’s…

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itunes changes on macos 10.15 catalina

You might have read a headline or 30 recently proclaiming the death of iTunes. It certainly seemed like that was the case; during the WWDC19 keynote, Apple VP Craig Federighi skewered the long-time media app for doing too much and announced it was breaking up into separate TV and Music apps. Short of holding an iOS 9-style funeral, Apple eliminated the iTunes app from the Mac and shuffled its functionality to new apps and menus. How does it all work? And is iTunes really dead? Get the answers to those and any other question you may have over the following pages. Is iTunes really gone? Yes, the app named iTunes that we’ve been using on our Mac for nearly two decades is no more. When you upgrade to macOS 10.15 Catalina, you won’t…

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ios 13 features apple didn’t announce at wwdc

We heard a lot about iOS 13 on the main WWDC stage, but with so many other announcements to get through, there was only so many things that Craig Federighi could show us directly. However, Apple briefly showed a slide with a few dozen new iOS 13 features that are coming in the autumn – and we poured through the list so you wouldn’t have to. Apps Maps: Improved report a problem Maps: Place Card enhancements Safari: Siri suggestions Safari: Updated start page Safari: Enhanced anti-fingerprinting protections Notes: View-only collaboration Notes: Folder management Notes: More powerful search Notes: New checklist options Mail: Block sender Mail: Mute thread Reminders: Customize appearance of lists Contacts: New relationship labels Contacts: Add attachments to events Photos: Search enhancements Photos: Location controls for sharing Messages: Improved search Messages: Business Chat suggestions Podcasts: Siri suggestions Books: Reading goals Apple News+: Available in UK and Australia Home: Refreshed accessory…