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 / Kids & Teens

Mania November 2019

MANIA is cheeky, cool and in the know - just like our readers! Kids love reading MANIA to keep up to date with what’s hot in gaming, movies, music, celebrities and the latest toy releases.

Nextmedia Pty Ltd
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1 Min.

Editor Dominic Bayley dbayley@nextmedia.com.au Games Editor James O’Connor Junior Writer Sam Williams Contributors Sarah Saud National Advertising Manager Donna Mcilwaine dmcilwaine@nextmedia.com.au Tel: +61 2 99016115 Production & Digital Services Manager Jonathan Bishop Design Nextmedia Creative Services Publisher/Circulation Director Carole Jones Ad/Production Manager Georgia Sutton Procurement Executive Vera Cheung Associate Publisher: Daniel Findlay Executive Chairman: David Gardiner Commercial Director: Bruce Duncan General Manager: Hamish Bayliss…

1 Min.
these maniacs are 100% awsm! send us your letters and artwork to win big!

Taylan, VIC Hi MANIA! This is a drawing of a Lion. I hope this scares you!!! Howdy Taylan! You scared us big time! We love the pic! Pokéballs are not for you, instead you like outside. I think that my shoulder is the place you like to ride. Kidnapped lots, you end up zapping all your foes. And winning lots of battles with your lightning refl ex toes. Come with me for lots of fun in many different regions. How long have we been friends for? Is it 20 different seasons? Until the fi nal end; we’ll always be best friends. Benjamin, SA Hi MANIA, I love reading your mag, especially the game reviews! Here’s a poem about my favourite Pokémon. Can you guess which one it is? That brought a tear to our eyes, Benjamin!…

1 Min.
line up!

HERO UP! The Line Rangers are a force to be reckoned with! When they band together there is little that can thwart ‘em! But will they be able to take on the great universal villain Paimon and rescue cute, lil’ Sally? Here’s hoping our heroes can save the day! MEET THE LINE RANGERS! The Line friends are transformed from their ordinary selves into the legendary Line Rangers, complete with AWSM hero costumes! The Rangers are Moon, Brown, James and Cony! A HUGE LINEUP! Look at how small Edward is hehe There are four lead heroes in Line Rangers but there are even more hilarious characters to meet in the Line universe. Our fave is the tiny, green caterpillar called Edward who wears a baseball cap and headphones! The Line dudes were first invented back in 2011!…

1 Min.
the hot game about hats

HAT KID Our hero Hat Kid is here to save the day! After time falls apart our hat-wearing hero must travel the timescape in order to collect it before it falls into the wrong hands! A HAT IN TIME IS BACK! The game finally reaches the Nintendo Switch and MANIA is real excited to play it on the go! OLD-SCHOOL INSPO Gear for Breakfast, the developers of A Hat In Time took inspiration from classic 3D adventure games like Banjo-Kazooie, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario 64 and Spyro! MUSTACHE GIRL Look out for Mustache Girl! This hairy-lipped lady seems friendly enough, but MANIA HQ spies tell us that she might be hiding a shady secret... A HAT IS A HIT! A Hat In Time is a huge success story for video games on Kickstarter. The game, which was…

2 Min.
maleficent returns with a vengeance

BACK IN BLACK After the events of the first flick Maleficent saved the day and everyone was well happy. This time around a new threat emerges and Maleficent and Aurora find themselves on opposite sides of a warring nation. How’s it gonna go down? A MALEFICENT FAN FROM WAY BACK Angelina Jolie was a big fan of the original movie Sleeping Beauty, but liked one character in particular! “I loved Maleficent when I was a little girl. She was my favourite Disney character. I was afraid of her and I loved her.” Onya Ange! Behind Da Scenes Check out this rad pic taken by Elle Fanning who plays Princess Aurora. It’s of her with Angelina Jolie in sunnies and a bathrobe plus the Maleficent hat! Noice! BIG WINGED BADDIE At the end of the first Maleficent movie…

1 Min.
pet pals!

Mark with his cute pup Shano! AMAZING HORSIES THE BRAINY BRONCO Check this smart horse! Clever Hans the Orlove Trotter was owned by Wilhelm von Osten and performed maths and other clever tasks for German audiences. Behind the scenes however Hans had been taught to react to cues made by his trainer , psychologist Oskar Pfungst... THE PAINTING PONY What art school did this creative horse even attend!? Cholla the mustang-Quarter Horse mix was born wild then raised in Nevada by Renne Chambers. Although he didn’t start painting ‘til he was 19 years old, his paintings ended up being shown and even sold around the world! THE PSYCHIC STALLION This is one mystical mare! Lady Wonder, born in 1924 was believed by many to have had crazy psychic abilities. This hair-raising horse was visited heaps by the…