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Maximum PC Specials Volume 1 2016

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This information-packed special issue delivers the hardcore details on all the latest PC hardware and software. It’s loaded with hot hardware, product roundups, lots of lab testing, and hands-on projects to get you started on your own PC experiments.

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THERE’S A LOT OF INNOVATION and exciting new releases in the world of PC components right now, which makes it the perfect time to build a rig of your own. If you’re looking for inspiration, then we’ve got you covered here. In this special PC How-To guide, we show you how the experts here at Maximum PC set about building their own PCs, and guide you through the ever-changing landscape of PC components, so that you can be sure you’re choosing the right parts. Skylake, the eagerly awaited new processor architecture from Intel, has finally arrived, and along with it, a slew of 100-series motherboards has hit the market. It’s important that you choose the right one, because more than anything else, your motherboard dictates what’s going to be possible with…

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the future of the gpu

THE GRAPHICS CARD is the component most responsible for PC gaming performance. Above everything else in your PC. You could have the most powerful, $1,000 octo-core Haswell-E CPU in your rig, but if you’ve got a weedy GPU backing it up, you’re never going to be hitting the graphical heights that today’s PC games deserve. And it’s a great time to buy a new graphics card right now. Both the leading lights of GPU development—Nvidia and AMD—have finally released their graphics card lineups for this year, with highend, ultra-enthusiast GPUs and superefficient, lower-end offerings. And by the way, for ultra-enthusiast, read: eyewateringly "wtf-how-much?!" expensive. While Nvidia has had it pretty much all its own way since the GTX 980 was released almost a year ago, AMD has finally responded with a slew…

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is nvlink the end for pcie?

ALONG WITH the announcement of the Pascal architecture, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang also introduced the world to NVLink, an interconnect for its GPUs that could potentially offer between five and 12 times the bandwidth of the current PCIe 3.0 connection. Nvidia’s talking about NVLink offering DRAM-class speed and latency, which will allow for the use of Pascal’s unified memory across the entire PC. It will also improve performance between GPUs, so multi-GPU systems could end up getting a far more linear scaling in terms of gaming speed. As well as the NVLink connection on the GPU itself, it will also require dedicated silicon in the CPU if it wants to bypass the PCIe interface completely. From the outset though, that looks likely to be restricted to supercomputer-class highperformance computing (HPC); Intel is…

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graphics cards

Nvidia GTX Titan X Not winning this clash of cards NVIDIA’S GTX TITAN X is the pinnacle of today’s graphics card technology, a position it’s likely to maintain until Pascal tips up, waving its 16nm transistors all up in the GM 200 GPU’s silicon face. But that doesn’t make it the best card around. At launch, the $999 price tag seemed insanely, almost offensively, high. Sure, it was the first time we’d seen the much-vaunted GM 200 GPU appear in a form we could cram into our desktop machines, and it is most definitely head and shoulders above the GTX 980 in terms of gaming performance, but it didn’t have the same feel as the original Titan. It lacked the supercomputer, double-precision capabilities for a start, and we never warmed to the black shroud…

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zotac gtx 980 ti arctic storm

WE’RE AT A WEIRD MOMENT in the history of graphics cards. On the one hand, it’s a fantastic time to go out and buy a new GPU because there’s simply never been this amount of polygon processing power available at any price. On the other hand, though, you’ve got a vast number of cards still rocking aging graphics architectures with potentially hugely updated versions on the way. That means, of the cards we’ve got in our test this month, only a few of them could genuinely be recommended for purchase right now. The top-end of the market is the toughest, mostly because, and we can probably all agree on this, pricing has become utterly insane. At the top of the pile is Nvidia’s GTX Titan X, at $999. Crazy. And now it’s…

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skylake deep dive

Well, here you have it folks. Skylake hath cometh to the people, and with it comes the absolute pinnacle of Intel’s microprocessing technology. Let’s just forget about Broadwell. Its short lifetime has been invaluable to us PC enthusiasts, but alas, it was never meant to be. Taking us from that blasted 22nm architecture down to 14nm was an incredible feat. But it was too little, too late. Ultimately, the little chip paid the price, doomed to retire to an early death. A victim of its own architecture’s difficult production methods. Broadwell’s glorious sacrifice, however, has given us one phenomenal gem: Skylake. If the X99 chipset and Haswell-E was the premium-grade reboot that PC enthusiasts needed, it’s safe to say that Z170 and Skylake is about to do the same for the rest…