Maximum PC Specials

Maximum PC Specials Volume 2 2017

This information-packed special issue delivers the hardcore details on all the latest PC hardware and software. It’s loaded with hot hardware, product roundups, lots of lab testing, and hands-on projects to get you started on your own PC experiments.

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build it the perfect pc

Dedicated PC builders are inundated with potential parts and combinations that it’s sometimes a challenge just deciding what we actually want to build. Budgets are inevitably fluid, standards tend to creep higher and higher. We browse the Internet incessantly, always looking for the perfect potential part, never quite getting the nerve to hit ‘buy’ because, well, what if we manage to get a better deal? This second volume of Build It comes fully equipped with how-to guides and hands-on projects that are sure to help our readers in their quest to build the perfect PC. This guide is for those of you just starting out on your PC building journey and computer tech veterans alike. This is a hobby for some, and an obsession for others: whichever side of the…

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2017 tech

A NEW HOPE AMD’s new Zen CPU takes aim at the Intel empire Not to put too fine a point it, but expectations are nothing if not high for AMD’s Zen CPU architecture. We’ve previously branded it as being everything from a new hope to AMD’s absolute last chance for survival. And as we look forward to 2017’s tech, the year Zen finally arrived, it feels every bit as portentous as all that—Zen is a really big deal. That’s chiefly because competition improves the breed, and ever since AMD launched its failed Bulldozer architecture back in 2011, Intel hasn’t really had any competition in the PC processor market. The consequence of that has been a state of general stagnation in terms of mainstream CPU performance on the desktop. Intel’s processors have been quad-core…

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in with the new

It’s a great time t o b e a P C g amer. The c onsole b attles f or audience (and the fact that they are essentially cheap PCs inside anyway), along with the utter saturation of the smartphone game market, mean that publishing games on PC is the safest, easiest bet developers can make. For the consumer, that means that anything and everything you want to play is on PC—except if some lunatic at a console company has dropped a million or two on buying a temporary exclusive. Indeed, the number of games that are released on Steam every year has grown so much that it always exceeds the total number of games from previous years—and that’s happened consistently for the last three years. We’ve made a list of the…

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big screen group test

AOC U3477PQU Six hundred bucks, but still a bargain What to make of AOC’s slick, superwide U3477PQU? It comes down to your point of view. If you’re a serious player in the true high end of the monitor market, it’s not going to be on your radar. But if you want to get a slice of the high-end action at a more attainable price, slap it on your shortlist. It all starts with the 34-inch LCD panel. It’s a proper IPS item. It’s also 34 inches across the diagonal, and packs a 3440x1440 pixel punch. For most mere mortals, that’s plenty. The 21:9 aspect ratio also adds an element of the exotic. AOC has done a nice job of giving the chassis and stand a quality consumer electronics vibe, too. Image quality doesn’t disappoint,…

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super silent system

We have questions. Questions that need answering. OK, maybe not quite on the same level as Gandalf needing to know whether a certain golden trinket belonging to Bilbo Baggins was wielded by the dark lord Sauron, but we think they’re just as valid. After all, isn’t the advancement of technology and silent computing just an extended metaphorical allegory of that servant of Morgoth’s rise to power? Too much? OK, back to something a little more rational. The questions of which we’re speaking are: Is it possible to build an almost fanless PC? One that has little, if any, capacity to generate noise? It’s a concept we’ve mused over ever since we crafted our Dream Machine in 2016. The Core i7-6950X located at the heart of our $10,000 build was cooled by…

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speed up windows 10

Spring is in the air, so it’s the perfect time to take a virtual vacuum to your computer. Every year, it’s the same old story: Despite your best intentions, you rapidly lose control of what goes on to your PC, as programs are installed and forgotten, while gigabytes of files—from documents to photos and videos—are copied multiple times to a myriad locations, clogging up your hard drives. The result? A computer that’s slow to start, performs sluggishly, and is approaching the limits of your storage capacity. The changing of the seasons brings the whiff of new life, and again, you resolve to clean out your PC, and see whether you can bring it back to those heady days of its youth, when it performed with a noticeable zip. And this is…