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“While there are often good articles in your magazine, ‘The Pig Patrol’ [by J.R. Sullivan, October 2018] was disappointing. I assure you I am not alone in having no interest in the details about how some foulmouthed former strip-club owner murders hogs. And don’t assume that most of your readers want to read about such cruelty, because they do not.”R. CLIFTONASHBURN, VALESS FILLINGAfter reading about beers that taste like bread, coffee, and passion fruit [“The United States of Suds,” October 2018], you know what I’m really jonesing for? A cold Budweiser.JASON DUNWALDWILKES-BARRE, PAWILD AT RISKReading about the preserves being protected [“The Wildest New Parks in the World,” by Mark Johanson, October 2018] gave me a serious case of wanderlust. But then came the United Nations report warning that global climate…

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GIFTS GALORELooking for a cool gadget like the Vivitar Follow Me Drone, a special bottle of booze, or the best adventure gear? We’ve got a gift guide for everyone on your list. FITNESSDon’t wait until January to get in shape—MJ already has loads of fitness advice from top trainers, workouts for every skill level, and nutrition tips. ■…

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letter from the editor

BOYS AND THEIR TOYS. It’s a subject near and dear—although I was admittedly off my game in 2018. I’ve been riding, gulp, the same bike (still love ya, Canyon Endurance!) since last August, and I recently crashed a drone I was testing into a tree (user error!). Luckily our team of experts picked up the slack, and this year’s “Gear of the Year” (page 68) is as eye-popping and expansive as ever. But what makes this iteration particularly special is how it fits our cover star. Jason Momoa is the epitome of boys who love their toys, and he’s about as much a “Men’s Journal guy” as we’ve ever featured. When Marissa Stephenson visited the Aquaman star’s home, she was treated to an intimate look at his personal trove of…

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northern exposure

ALASKAN FOG SHROUDED the mountains the morning Martin Chalk’s helicopter transport sped toward the most remote hotel in North America. “You’re surrounded by 20,000-foot peaks—you don’t expect to find any shelter out there,” says the New York–based beverage executive. “I was thinking, ‘Where the hell is this guy going to land?’ Then all of a sudden, out of the mist, this rocky outcrop appears.”Sitting atop that outcrop like a hood ornament is Sheldon Chalet, a five-room luxury lodge on Ruth Glacier, 10 miles from the 20,310-foot summit of Denali. A ring of mountaintops called the Don Sheldon Amphitheater encircles the chalet, like the stone crown of a giant king buried up to his head in snow. Taking it in for the first time, Chalk thought about wilderness photographer Galen Rowell’s…

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where the wild things are

IF YOU NEED ME, I’m on channel two.” That was the last thing our ranger, Dylan, said before tossing a beat-up walkie-talkie onto the front seat of the topless green Toyota Land Cruiser, grabbing his rifle, and heading off into the bush.My wife and I looked at each other nervously. First, Josie, the wildlife tracker who was our other guide, took off following some lion footprints, and now Dylan was gone, too. We were alone—with predators lurking. Our two kids, 10 and 12, didn’t seem to sense any danger. They were still wide-eyed, drinking it all in after being in our apartment in Brooklyn just 36 hours ago.Dylan emerged from the trees, 10 tense minutes later, his boyish face betraying little emotion. Josie followed, and without saying a word, they…

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phinda basics

HOW TO GET THERE South African Airways offers a daily nonstop flight from New York City to Johannesburg. From there you can catch a short flight to Durban, where andBeyond will pick you up for the 3½-hour drive to Phinda. There is also an option to fly directly to a small landing strip in the reserve.HOW TO ADD ON Cape Town is only a 2¼-hour flight from Durban and worth a stop before or after safari. The Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel, at the foot of the city’s iconic Table Mountain, is the ultimate home base for exploring nearby wine farms, the Cape of Good Hope, historic Robben Island, and the incredible new Zeitz MOCAA art museum. ■…