MiniWorld November 2020

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One of our favourite tasks on Mini Magazine is producing our 'On The Job' features. We get the chance to visit someone else's workshop/garage/front drive, check out how their project is coming along and then write about it in the magazine. It's inspirational, and we always come away with a few ideas of what we might incorporate into our own future projects. The icing on the cake is when one of these projects is completed. Shooting a feature on a Mini that we saw in build is a great feeling. To see if all the plans came together, how they changed and why. And it gives us just one more chance to talk Minis… This month's cover car, Wayne Wright's 'Storm', first appeared in Mini Magazine November 2019. It was a bare…

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cooking up a storm!

When we first clapped eyes on Wayne Wright’s latest project (for November 2019’s On The Job feature), it was a primered rolling shell and the engine was just a dirty ball on the workbench. You’ll remember Wayne’s work on his partner, Caroline’s 998cc ’86 Mini. Since he’s finished that, he’s had more time to pour into his own project meaning they can now drive separately to car meets and make double the impact. “She’s a little different to what my original plans were!” Wayne muses. “Some of it’s the same. I wanted the exhaust coming out from the rear valance. I wanted the louvres, fibreglass boot and doors, fibreglass flip front and all Perspex windows (apart from the windscreen).” As anyone who has ever built their own car knows, early plans…

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on the right track

Husband and wife - and regular Mighty Mini Racers - Paul and Lissette Ogborn were amongst those taking to the track with Mighty Minis at Castle Combe on September 19th. What made the day unique was the fact that they were being joined on the grid by their son Joshua, 22, racing for the first time… As winner of the first race, it was Paul's job to draw the balls to establish the positions of the other cars. In a stroke of luck, Josh and Lissette both ended up at the front of the grid! A couple of other first timers, Mark Price and Bethany Hughes, were also taking part. “It was exciting, but also incredibly nerve wracking as I couldn’t help but wonder where Josh was during the race.” Lissette explains.…

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played an ace

On Thursday 17 September, the team at Acespeed supplied a trio of Minis to a wedding at Bingley St.Ives Golf Club. Steve Waterhouse and his lovely bride Sarah were delighted with the Cooper Works, Italian Job and MPi Cooper. The bride specified that Ace wore his race suit and they also sent Liam Gallagher lookalike Chris McKibb to chauffeur the bride in his Cooper. A lovely day was had by all, and this is the first of many weddings that the team plan to be helping out with. www.acespeed.co.uk…

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gaydon gatherings

The British Motor Museum is delighted to announce it is to host a series of brand new monthly evening gatherings aimed at motoring enthusiasts. The first ‘Gaydon Gathering’ took place on Tuesday 15 September from 5:30pm to 8pm and the next is on Tuesday 13 October. The Gaydon Gathering will then be a regular feature of the 2021 events programme, on the second Tuesday of every month starting on the 13 April 2021. These informal events will be held outdoors on the Museum’s arenas and are free to attend. Visitors can just turn up on the evening, with no pre booking required. At 7pm the Museum will present the ‘Gaydon Garage’ feature when the Museum’s workshop doors will be opened to reveal one of the fantastic vehicles from the collection that…

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return of the moke

MOKE International Limited has announced the return of one of Britain's great automotive icons. UK customers will be able to order one of 56 limited edition Mokes, signifying the number of years since it first appeared in Britain in 1964. The company will also welcome orders for standard spec vehicles, which they say confirms the permanent return of the brand. Originaly designed by Issigonis as an air portable vehicle for the military and a lightweight utility vehicle for farmers and tradesmen. Based on standard Mini subranes and running gear meant a lack of ground clearance and no four-wheeldrive and its usefulness was limited when the going got tough. While army rejected it, it quickly became a firm favourite with the 'Swinging Set', both in the UK and abroad. Mokes appeared in…