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July 2021

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WINNERS & LOSERS Batteries power ETF returns Technology exchange traded funds have led the sector over the past year, according to the 2021 Stockspot ETF report. The ETFS Battery Tech & Lithium ETF (ASX: ACDC) topped the table with a 96% return over 12 months. This was followed by Australian and US technology ETFs. BetaShares S&P/ASX Australian Technology (ATEC) and ETFS FANG+ (FANG) returned 81.6% and 73% respectively. At the other end of the spectrum, BetaShares Australian Equities Bear (Hedge Fund) (BEAR) turned in the worst performance, down more than 30%. “This demonstrates how ETFs that are designed to do the opposite of the market can be risky trading tools," warns Stockspot. The Vanguard Australian Shares Index fund (VAS) continues to reign as the most popular ETF in terms of size and flows, taking in $1.9…

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customer-owned personal lender of the year move bank

Move Bank has backed its win in 2020 as Personal Lender of the Year with a first place in the new customer-owned category in 2021. “Our purpose is simple – to provide straightforward products that help Australians reach their financial goals sooner – and this recognition confirms we’re on track with our mission,” says Move Bank CEO Therese Turner. Move Bank has personal loans from 8.97%pa and car loans from 4.59%pa. “The rise in non-bank and neobank lenders over the past 12 months means that there are more loan options on the market than ever before,” says Turner. While more choice increases competition, it can leave customers unsure about what is right for them. “That’s why if you’re in the market for a personal loan, it’s important to ask questions like: what…

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bank money minder of the year me bank

ME Bank has taken out the Money Minder award (bank) for a fourth year running – a testament to its long track record of offering simple savings products with great rates. The pandemic has changed a lot, not least the way people manage their money. “Covid-19 has accelerated the trend away from cash towards cards and digital payments,” says Craig Ralston, ME’s group executive, customer banking. While holding cash in the bank won’t provide much of a return these days, having an emergency fund is good financial practice. “The pandemic has increased households’ understanding of the importance of having a stash of savings for emergencies and I think we’re seeing savings behaviour increase across the board,” says Ralston. “While alternatives such as the sharemarket can be appealing in the pursuit…

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non-bank investment lender of the year freedom lend

It’s easy to think only of the big four banks when it comes to investment lending, yet non-banks can often lend at higher risk and at a more competitive rate due to their access to wholesale funding. Freedom Lend stands on the top step of the podium in our inaugural award. It ranked top in five-year fixed-term home loans, with rates starting at 2.57%pa, while its variable investment loans start at 2.47%pa. “Freedom Lend has always put customers’ objectives at the forefront,” says Freedom director Mark Huynh. “We provide leading rates combined with great service in order to simplify the decision-making process. We continue to build our products, expanding to different areas and keeping price a main driver of our offer.” For example, Freedom Lend has recently introduced self-managed super fund loans as…

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winners in a smarter world

5 G broadband is set to be nothing short of a paradigm shift that will fundamentally affect our daily lives and offer the potential for investment returns to match. At the most basic level, new generations are defined by ever greater bandwidth and the speed increases that come with it. “The data speeds will speed up, latency speeds to communicate across the network will speed up, and it will support up to 10 times the number of devices connected to the network,” says Kanish Chugh, head of distribution at ETF Securities, an exchange traded fund provider. For home use, low latency speed may only provide faster load times for streaming videos, but imagine the need for real-time data transfer when you go in for surgery undertaken remotely by an overseas surgeon, or when…

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software’s insatiable appetite

It’s the sharemarket segment that is both all-inclusive and simultaneously hard to define: technology. I mean, we know it when we see it, but what is it, exactly? In the early 1910s, cars were “technology”. In the ’50s and ’60s, so were photocopiers. And the genius behind modern steel-making was groundbreaking at the time. None of those are considered technology any more. Still, in 2021 the term can be nebulous. Is an ecommerce company a technology company or a retailer? Is a payment processor a financial services business or a technology business? If you ask them, they’ll all say technology, of course. And for good reason: the suffix “tech” is worth a lot to the share price … and to the CEO’s prestige. So, we have fintech (financial technology), medtech (medical technology),…