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raising hell in a rental 1962 chrysler 300h

THEY DON’T DO IT ANYMORE . Rental car companies don’t rent classic performance cars to anyone with a driver’s license and a credit card anymore. Maybe they learned a lesson from me and Joe Oldham. See, back in the late ’80s National had a program they called California Classics—special rentals that were almost all ragtop performance models and only available from National’s LA Airport location. We had reserved a 1962 Chrysler 300H convertible, one of only 123 produced, and formerly owned by Karen Carpenter, the late singer. We had 3 days to put the Chrysler through its paces for a magazine article. The tab for Nat’s time-warp tin was $49.95/day plus 30 cents/mile—all on the expense account. The Chrysler, a rare original piece, was quite correct with the notable exception of…

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point of contact

“YO, ZOO. When are you gonna get your phone fixed?” It was the Boss. Cliff had tried to call me, only to again get the ominous message, “the person you are trying to reach has a voicemail box that has not been set up yet. Thank you. GOOD BYE.” Click. Well, that sort of thing comes with a new phone, right? I had just been talked into this purchase by the young hipsters at the Verizon office when I went in to pay my bill. Still, I probably should have waited, as other tech problems were on my headache list as the year started. You see, right after the phone swap, my “good computer” went in for repair as well. Because I have an all-inclusive warranty package, a new Geek guy on…

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crec’s corner

“FOR PAINT? Directions, schmections- ahhh, who needs ’em? If I have any questions, I’ll go to Google or my favorite expert on YouTube.” Good luck with that, Bob Ross. I see this now more than ever; nobody wants to read past the first 3 sentences and when it goes to hell (which it will), they get online and start bashing the manufacturer. Bottom line—before you pry the lid off, read the directions! I see guys spending good money on paint and primer, deciding they are gonna try it themselves. Hey? Good for you! Now with money outta pocket, ya may wanna read the directions in full, more than once! And talk to a few experienced people in the trade. How about this one? You got some leftover old reducer and hardener from a…

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tech topics

SPARKER Hi Rick-In an answer to a Mopar Action question, Dec, 2011 page 92 you said, “as long as your spark requirements have not exceeded the limits of the stock system, E.G. blower, 13:1 compression ratio, etc., there is nothing to be gained by an ignition upgrade. Nothing.” I have a 1970 Plymouth Fury III convertible, that I am swapping from 318 to 440. I was considering a DUI system, but doing my research trying to save money, I found your comment in one of my magazines. My question is: when the ignition system is in run mode, why would the 9V Chrysler ballast-resistor system produce as much voltage as a 12V HEI system? Put another way, why is the 9V system enough? I need to buy an ignition kit and I…

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how to get help:

Address all queries to this address: RICHARD EHRENBERG PO BOX 302 MARLBORO NY 12542 Best bet: Online submission form at GROUND RULES: • If you want to submit your question via email, please use the online submission form at www.moparaction. com. If we ask for more info, send back all existing text, or else! • Snailmail must include a SASE and/or a cash bribe. • All letters, electronic or otherwise, must include a full name and a least your city and state. You can request that it be withheld, however, and, if we had any the night before, we might even honor your request. • “20 questions” letters instantly get shredded and the scraps forwarded to the ashpile that is the remains of Mopar Muscle. So—ask one clear question please, we’re a sleazy magazine, not an…

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resto topics

What’s a good engine paint? THUMB’S UP? Richard–My son and I just got a 1970 318 Barracuda in restorable condition. It will take us years to get it done, but it does run and drive and we are loving it. My question: The radio has two ordinary knobs on the left side. I though these cars all had thumbwheels, no? Can you explain this? Jason Brown Louisville, KY Jay–The base radio, a killer 2-watt RMS “Music Master” had the knobs you describe. The dial will be inscribed “Chrysler Solid State,” and the data plate on the left fender apron will show code R11. ’CUDA CALIPER Rick–Do you have one of your factory blueprints for the hockey stick stripes on my ’70 ’Cuda? It would be very helpful if you did! Jack McCartney Boston, MA Jack–Yes, you are in luck. See below. COLOR…