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editor’s notes

TESLA CRACKS ME UP . Their latest news flash says that Elon Musk intends to build a rocket-assisted roadster that will crack 0-60 MPH in a record 1.1 seconds. He goes on to say that his cars may also fly. Big deal. Mr. Musk and the news media don’t realize that Mopar Action tested their own rocket-assisted car (a 1974 4600 lb. Monaco Bluesmobile cop car, no less) back in 2003. You can even read about it on our website: https:// www.moparaction. com/2021/05/25/ rocket-man/. So why didn’t we make the news splash that Tesla did? Compared to Tesla, we’re just peanuts with our promotional budget the size of any small company’s coffee money jar. Nobody pays us any attention. We don’t get no respect. At the time of our test, our sophisticated data…

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zoo keeper’s diary

AS I JOT THIS DOWN , it’s just after Memorial Day weekend. A guy named Helio Castroneves took his fourth Indy 500 win on Sunday, a huge achievement for anyone who knows about the 220-MPH competition’s challenges of Indy’s legendary brickyard. Just one win there can be a life’s achievement. No young gun, the 46-year-old Brazilian has been known as “Spiderman” for climbing the starting line fence to celebrate his victory, which he achieved in front of 135,000 fans in the biggest in-person gathering since the Wuhan plandemic began. He did not disappoint. Indy cars? Zoo, there ain’t no Mopars there! Nope. Indeed, as I covered in my Hemi book, the first Chrysler Hemi-powered Indy car, known as the A311, went so fast in testing it was almost instantly outlawed to…

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crec’s corner

2020 WAS A TOUGH YEAR, Covid hit the US and events were cancelled, businesses closed, shortages out the ying yang, and the aftermath continues. You name it—toilet paper, parts (and the quality of parts), etc. So, now you were stuck in lockdown. After you went out and scored some Charmin, masks, and hand sanitizer to keep the family calm, you think, “Now what? Spend some quality time watching Lifetime movies? Hell, no! I will get some upgrades done to me beloved Mopar! They can’t take that away from me, or can they?” That’s what a lotta guys and gals thought once we were in a lockdown. Get online and start clicking, only to find out that no one had anything in stock with no ETA on when they would have it. Didn’t…

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hemi this.

A GUY AT MOPAR PERFORMANCE named Jon Clark asked me 10+ years ago how to quickly and simply describe the different generations of Hemi engines. I wrote up: 1G - Distributor in rear 2G - Distributor in front 3G - No distributor. (Mitsubishi 2.6L = 0G) He loved it, and Chrysler / MP publications since have used this terminology. Of course, 1G is a broad-spectrum term, there were distinct versions for Chrysler, DeSoto, and Dodge, and many variations inside those families, as well as quite a few 3G variants. Still, I like to think I helped straighten it up.…

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WEIGHT PLATE I have a 1992 Dakota that is factory equipped with a 5.2/518 and 3.55:1 rear gear. I have a complete 1999 5.9L that I would like to install in this Dakota, I will be keeping the original trans to the truck. My question is concerning the flex plate. Do I use the flex plate that came on the core 5.9L, or use the flex plate from the original 5.2L? Ralph Vaquero Covington, GA Ralph–The 1999 drive plate has the needed 360 (5.9L) external-balancing counterweight welded to it. must use that drive plate (and your original t/conv). IN MY CLUTCHES I transplanted a 440 6-pack into my 1970 Charger 500 that was originally a 383 car. I had the stock radiator improved to a 3-core. I find now that there is insufficient clearance between the fan…

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