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Mornings with Jesus May/June 2019

Experience this devotional magazine that blesses you with Jesus' words, His teachings, and His Wisdom. This inspiring magazine will help you begin and end your day connected to Jesus.

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1 Min.
a note from the editor

SPRINGTIME COMES and I think of May days at the old cemetery in Pasadena, California, where many a relative of mine was buried. My grandfather belonged to the American Legion, and on Memorial Day he and other members would put small flags next to the graves of those who had served in America’s wars. Come to think of it, there must have been one next to the stone marker for my great-grandfather, who had been a drummer boy back in the Civil War. What I do remember was how we kids were called into service at the end of the day. Someone needed to collect all those flags. What could be more fun? We darted from stone to stone and pulled the flags up out of the mud, lichen-encrusted saints looking…

1 Min.
wednesday, may 1

AS SOON AS THE FROST disappears and the daffodils appear, I’m ready to garden. A couple of years ago, I determined to simplify the work but still make the garden as beautiful as possible. Perennials would return on their own, but I planned to cut back on annuals significantly. I bought a few petunias to add color in the empty spots. My husband, Larry, and I also planted low-maintenance and disease-resistant roses, replacing the struggling vegetable garden. But the simplified gardening grew into hours of beautification. The new roses required mulch. So did the other areas. Seventy-seven bags of mulch, to be exact—on sale, of course. Spreading all those brown sprigs, along with weed-pulling, stretched into two months’ worth of work. When we finished, the outside gardens were indeed more beautiful. But…

1 Min.
thursday, may 2

I’M A GREAT “STARTER.” I instigate enthusiastic ideas, whether they involve cleaning a closet, canning jam, or planting a huge garden. However, I often get in over my head. Once all the items are pulled from the closet, the mess overwhelms me. After I get my canning supplies assembled, the many steps involved become daunting. And that huge garden? By midsummer, the weeds win the battle as I tire of the project. Follow-through is also difficult as a disciple of Jesus. Like James and John, I might boldly leave everything to follow, then end up squabbling about who is the greatest. Like Thomas, I may walk faithfully alongside the Savior, but then doubt His presence. Like Peter, I enthusiastically proclaim my loyalty to my Savior. Yet when confronted with social pressure,…

1 Min.
friday, may 3

MY HERB GARDEN IS A series of hanging baskets. I step onto my back deck to snip basil and thyme for the sauce simmering on the stove. Often, I pick rosemary for no other reason than the aroma it leaves on my hands. A few leaves of mint tossed into my giant water jug with fresh cucumbers and a squeeze of lime is more refreshing than anything the beverage aisle or soda machine can offer. I know better than to plant mint in my raised beds or flat on the ground. Mint takes over. It grows—as they say—like a weed. It fares well in the hanging basket in which I keep it. Contained. Having been counseled about mint’s wild exuberance, I find it curious that the scribes and Pharisees—law keepers in Jesus’s…

1 Min.
saturday, may 4

I GREW UP IN INNER-CITY New York where the only greenery around was the shrubs and grass surrounding our public housing project. After I got married, we bought a house in the suburbs with a small backyard. It was a dream fulfilled. I’m a nature lover, and I’ve always admired houses accented with beautiful gardens and foliage, so when we moved, I decided to try my hand at gardening. I’d never done it before and was a little nervous. I bought the prettiest blooms and a pair of gloves and got to work. A few weeks later, I noticed one area was burgeoning, bursting with color, but the other was not. Certainly not for lack of care; I watered both sets of plants, added fertilizer to each, and yet one set…

2 Min.
sunday, may 5

I IMAGINE THAT NAOMI HAD a picture in her mind of how her life would turn out. She probably assumed that her family would ride out the famine in Moab and then return to Bethlehem, where her sons would marry hometown girls and fill her life with grandchildren. Instead, Naomi’s husband died, and her sons married Moabite women. Later, Naomi’s sons died, leaving her a destitute widow. She did return to Bethlehem, but as a woman beaten down by life, telling the women who greeted her by name to call her “Bitter” instead. But God was working behind the scenes, and oh, what a difference a few short chapters can make! The book of Ruth ends with Naomi filled with joy and a new zest for life. Boaz took on the…