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Mornings with Jesus September/October 2019

Experience this devotional magazine that blesses you with Jesus' words, His teachings, and His Wisdom. This inspiring magazine will help you begin and end your day connected to Jesus.

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2 Min.
a note from the editor

I LEFT MY CELL phone at the office the other day. I only realized it halfway home, when I reached for the phone on the subway to check the news. Having checked the news just a half hour before. Then I reached for it again to see what the weather would be like tomorrow. And I wanted to text my wife to tell her the train was running slow. While I waited, I sure wished I could scroll through Instagram. Once I got home I emailed a colleague back at the office to see if my phone was there. Yep, right on my desk, where I left it. But I had to get through 12 excruciating hours with no texts, no apps, no cute photos, no podcast for the gym. I…

1 Min.
sunday, september 1

MY FRIEND ORDERED A BUNCH of ceramic mugs that said, “God of All Comfort,” and gave me one as a gift. I’ve used it for years, thinking of her whenever I drink my tea from that cup. But after years of use, most of the words have worn off. All that remain are the big gold letters “God.” Last weekend, another friend was visiting, and I set out teabags and that mug for her. She stared at it and said, “I’d feel a little presumptuous using that cup.” We both laughed, and I explained what had happened to the lettering. Later, as I washed the dishes, I smiled at the tangible reminder that so many things are temporary in this life, but God remains. Throughout Scripture, the children of Israel had a…

2 Min.
monday, september 2

WHEN A WRITERS’ CONFERENCE SPEAKER encouraged us to start a Blessings Folder, I knew it would be a good idea. My life was falling apart, making it difficult to see anything positive. The speaker passed out copies of her favorite Bible verse and a funny story to get us started. As soon as I got home, I put them in a folder, along with a story that my oldest son had published. My Blessings Folder became one of my lifelines during a dark time, as I filled it with encouraging cards that arrived right when I needed them, notes about miraculous provisions, and other mementos. Every treasure that I added to the folder felt like a present from Jesus, saying, I’m still here, and you still have a lot of…

1 Min.
tuesday, september 3

SINCE I GREW UP AS a farmer’s daughter, I can easily relate to agricultural illustrations in the Bible. I remember my dad watching the weather, hoping our dusty cotton fields would get enough rain to keep the plants healthy and lead to a good harvest. Those few cotton bales represented our main source of income—some years, the only source. My dad sowed the crops in spring; we had to wait until after we chopped weeds all summer and then picked the cotton in autumn to see if the money would be enough to cover us for a year. Waiting is just plain hard, but Jesus calls us to exercise spiritual patience. That’s the kind we need as we go through life’s daily temptations, disappointments, and troubles that shake us to the…

1 Min.
wednesday, september 4

THERE’S A SONG I LOVE by contemporary Christian band Big Daddy Weave called “My Story.” My favorite lyric talks about the kindness of Jesus and how it draws us in. There are a lot of other concepts like grace, hope, life, etc., in the song, but it’s this particular line that gets me every time. I think the reason may be that those other qualities are things I focus on more. But kindness is smaller. Quieter. In some ways more personal. When my daughter Stella was nervous about starting kindergarten, I talked to her about how smart she is, and pretty, and how she is loads of fun. “But you know what is most important? The thing I want you to remember most?” Her eyes were as shiny as diamonds. “Be kind to everyone.…

2 Min.
thursday, september 5

WE KEEP SEVERAL BIRDHOUSES IN our yard because we enjoy providing a place for birds to raise their young. In every corner of my garden you’ll find one, nestled among the branches or hanging from a shepherd’s hook. Large, small, and everything in between—they bring whimsy and joy to the space. Two of the tiny homes are occupied almost every year. My favorite hangs just above the hose bib. Every time I turn on the water to sprinkle the garden, I try to sneak a peek inside. That’s where the connection lies. Before the eggs are laid, even as the male and female gather material for their nest, the flying parents-to-be perform their gallant show of courage. They dive-bomb me as I hand-water any plants or flowers near their future babies’ abode.…