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Mornings with Jesus March/April 2020

Experience this devotional magazine that blesses you with Jesus' words, His teachings, and His Wisdom. This inspiring magazine will help you begin and end your day connected to Jesus.

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a note from the editor

SOMETIMES I GET FRUSTRATED when I pray, wishing my mind didn’t wander so much, wishing that I could concentrate better, wishing I could find the right words to pray, wishing I had more time for it. Then I start thinking about all those other things I could do to be a better follower of Jesus, like giving more and being patient and kind and not so judgmental. Should I wear a big sign that says, WORLD’S CHRISTIAN? Times like these I turn to an age-old prayer, good for a spiritual reboot: “Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner.” Jesus told a parable about two men—one a Pharisee, the other a tax collector—who went up to the temple to pray. On the surface, the Pharisee looked the holier of the two. But…

1 Min.
sunday, march 1

FOR THE PAST SEVERAL YEARS, one of my former students has been featured in a TV commercial promoting orthotic and prosthetic services. My first introduction to him was memorable for all the wrong reasons. As an elementary school librarian, I often read aloud to students while they sit on the floor. One day after the story-time reading was finished, all the other students stood up . . . except for him. He remained on the floor. Naturally I thought he was being defiant. I reprimanded him, telling him again to get up, but he just stared at me. Finally my assistant whispered to me, “He can’t get up because he is missing a leg.” I hadn’t seen him when he walked into the library. He was sitting on his other…

1 Min.
monday, march 2

ONE MORNING, MY DAUGHTER TEXTED me a photo of my six-year-old grandson eating breakfast. Roman sat at the table drinking a mug of milk and wearing a gray T-shirt, a clip-on necktie, and a navy blazer. Does he have a job interview before school? I texted. Holly responded, No, he said he just wanted to dress up “for Monday.” What a contrast to the cartoons and memes that portray Monday as a horrible day. So when I shared the photo on social media, I added, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could all feel that enthusiastic about Mondays?” But wouldn’t it be great if we could feel that enthusiastic every day? Arising in anticipation of what Jesus has in store for us to see, do, and learn. Moving through the day, determined…

1 Min.
tuesday, march 3

MORE THAN TWENTY YEARS HAVE passed since I received my first invitation to speak at a women’s event. Word of mouth spread, and invitations increased. It seemed obvious that Jesus was opening these ministry doors, so I walked through them despite feeling woefully inadequate. My stomach knotted and my knees knocked every time I got up to teach. One weekend while in my hotel room between meetings, I experienced an aha moment. It was like Jesus removed a veil from my eyes, so I could see the reason behind my fear: pride. The revelation shocked me, but I knew it was true. I was more concerned about making a good impression on my audiences than about making Jesus famous. I wanted women to like me, and I wanted them to think I…

1 Min.
wednesday, march 4

I AM PRIVILEGED TO WORK with Christian believers. On a trying day when I need a Scripture to settle me, I can depend on colleagues to give me a timely word. I can also depend on them for inspiring conversations. One day, the school secretary started a dialogue about miracles and wanted to know if I had witnessed one. I explained that no one I knew had “walked on water.” However, while I was teaching at my previous school, a miraculous thing did happen. The secretary raised her brow with heightened interest as I recalled an unforgettable time. Jean, a first-grade teacher in my building, had adopted three children and needed a van to replace her aged and sputtering compact car. As an unmarried woman with only one income, Jean had…

2 Min.
thursday, march 5

WHEN I HUGGED MY FRIEND Tanya goodbye after our spiritual catchup at a local café, I made my way home feeling lighter, smiling in the early June sunshine. What is it about connecting with a friend who is also listening to Jesus say, “Follow Me,” that makes the day brighter? When I rounded the corner where I live, my apartment building looked dramatically different than when I’d left it a couple of hours before. Workers were in the midst of putting up scaffolding for impending work on our brick facade. Rows and rows of metal beams framed the sidewalk, extending from where I stood all the way to my front door. They had yet to cover the crossbeams at the top with wooden planks. So in this not-yet-finished moment, the beams,…