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Mornings with Jesus May/June 2020

Experience this devotional magazine that blesses you with Jesus' words, His teachings, and His Wisdom. This inspiring magazine will help you begin and end your day connected to Jesus.

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2 Min.
a note from the editor

BIBLE STORIES ARE SO VIVID. Think of the rich tax collector Zacchaeus, who yearned to see Jesus but was too short. Couldn’t see over the crowd. So he climbed a tree—a sycamore, the Gospel of Luke says. It makes me think of the big sycamore we had in our backyard when I was a kid, and how we climbed it to jump off a rope swing. It was scary. Must have been scary for Zacchaeus too. Taking a risk to see this holy man. Even riskier to find himself noticed and called out by name. “Zacchaeus,” Jesus said, “come down from that tree.” Not only that, but Jesus invited himself over to Zacchaeus’s house. I would have been frantic. Was there enough food in the fridge? Was the silverware clean? But the…

1 Min.
friday, may 1

ONE DAY BEFORE LEAVING WORK, I was moved to call a member of my church, Mrs. McGee. Since I was also eager to get home in time to watch my favorite game show, Jeopardy, I told myself, “I will call Mrs. McGee another day.” However, my soul would not rest until I dialed her number. When the elderly widow answered the phone, I chimed, “Hello! How’s it going?” Mrs. McGee explained that she needed someone to purchase and deliver dinner to her home because her daughter had to work late that evening. Mrs. McGee went on to say that she was not on any restrictive diet and whatever I purchased would satisfy her appetite. I stopped at a local diner to purchase a blue-plate special complete with iced tea and apple pie for…

1 Min.
saturday, may 2

SEVERAL YEARS AGO, I READ studies that revealed the huge amount of chemicals we’re exposed to by the different toiletries and personal care products we use daily. Since then I’ve jumped on the DIY (do-it-yourself ) bandwagon. I’ve been making many of these products at home, using recipes from blogs that focus on healthier living. Some attempts prove successful, like the two-ingredient eye-makeup remover. Others not so much, including the overly greasy moisturizer. Some people seem to want a DIY faith, creating their own “recipe” by choosing the ingredients that appeal to them. Those attempts will never be successful. That’s why Jesus offered Himself as the perfect sacrifice to pay the penalty for our sin. One of the final words Jesus spoke before He died was tetelestai, usually translated as “It is…

2 Min.
sunday, may 3

IN MY FIELD—CHRISTIAN WRITING—I CROSS paths with all sorts of people. In many cases, the main thing we have in common is our faith in Jesus. This isn’t true of my personal life. Some of my closest friends and family look at Jesus and the cross in a different light than I do. They consider the gospel a fairy tale. Others question the validity of any sort of higher power. I’ve prayed and shared my views with them and will continue doing so. Aside from that, I plan to step back and let Christ do His work. That’s good news. He often does better without my “help.” Years ago, my father lost a battle against cancer. This highly intelligent man bore a stubborn streak deeper than anyone I’ve ever met. Cynical retorts…

1 Min.
monday, may 4

A FRIEND IS A WATERCOLOR artist. She paints peaceful scenes from her surroundings in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Appalachia. She posted some of her recent watercolors on social media, a handful of which I owned in a set of note cards she’d given me. Social media went wild over the simple but strikingly beautiful artwork. My artist friend was overwhelmed by the response. Creativity was so much a part of her, but having it recognized by others lifted her heart in a way few other things did. When Jesus stood on the shore of the Sea of Galilee or surveyed the vast valley from the top of a mountain retreat or walked in the cool of the evening in Bethany and the garden of Gethsemane, He must have been stirred…

1 Min.
tuesday, may 5

IN JOHN 16:›› JESUS MADE a promise to His followers: “Here on this earth, you will have many trials and sorrows”(NLT). I can understand that, since this world is opposed to Jesus and all He stands for. But I’ve always had a hard time understanding how I’m supposed to count those trials and sorrows as joy. I do want my faith to become “mature and complete,” but still—joy? Then I heard a story from a friend that changed my perspective on trials. One spring Mike’s neighbor gave him some duck eggs and explained how to incubate them. Mike watched the eggs carefully; he couldn’t contain his excitement when he saw the baby ducks trying to break their way out. When he noticed that some were struggling, he helped them by breaking…