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Mornings with Jesus July/August 2020

Experience this devotional magazine that blesses you with Jesus' words, His teachings, and His Wisdom. This inspiring magazine will help you begin and end your day connected to Jesus.

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2 Min.
a note from the editor

RECENTLY I WAS LISTENING to the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well, and I was surprised to hear in it a message about prayer, something I’d never considered before. As you will remember, Jesus is passing through Samaria. Tired from His journey, He stops at Jacob’s well. A Samaritan woman comes to draw water, and He asks for some. She is shocked that a seemingly upright Jewish man, like Him, would ask for water from her. Jews and Samaritans didn’t generally associate with one another. They have an intriguing conversation—illuminating for her—about the living water that He offers to all His followers, something far greater than what can be found in the well. “Give me this water,” she says, “so that I will never be thirsty.” To which…

2 Min.
wednesday, july 1

THIS SUMMER I VACATIONED WITH my family to South Dakota’s Black Hills and the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. We drove our RV and ended up having a great time, but the first few days were rough for me. I struggled to stay in the moment and appreciate what I had because I felt overwhelmed by what—who—was missing. Our oldest had chosen a really neat opportunity that was offered to her for the summer and therefore wasn’t with us. It was the first time we’d ever been on vacation without one of our kids. It stank. To make matters worse, the other three weren’t getting along. They all wanted to look at screens instead of scenery, and when they weren’t looking at screens, they were fighting. The balance of different personalities and…

1 Min.
thursday, july 2

I GLANCED AT THE DOOR of the bank, eager to step inside so I could make a bank transaction before the end of the day. Then I saw a gray-haired man, wobbling and straining to reach for something firm to hold on to as he made his way unsteadily toward the bank. I rushed to the old man and extended my right hand. He beamed, pleasantly surprised by the gesture. Then he muttered, “This arthritis . . . it’s hard for me to move because of it.” As I held his wrinkled hand to support him, I felt his thick, hard palm and gnarled fingers. He explained how difficult it was for him to move around and even apologized for being elderly. He repeatedly thanked me, grateful for the sudden but much-needed…

2 Min.
friday, july 3

THIS MORNING AT 2:00 A.M. my husband and daughter climbed into the rented moving truck and set out for Nashville. My girl is moving across the country for a job with a company she loves. I’m thrilled for her opportunity and her courage. But here’s the thing. She’s our youngest of four, and the one who still lived in town. She would come over each week to do laundry, have a meal, and watch a cooking show with us (which we’d always save for her). On holidays when none of the other children could make it home, she was the gentle and constant presence that we appreciated so much. So, while I’m happy for her, I’m also grieving. To cheer me, my husband reminded me that after a writer’s conference where…

2 Min.
saturday, july 4

MY GRANDKIDS WERE THRILLED ABOUT the big Fourth of July celebration in their new town. They wore patriotic clothes and bought red, white, and blue “glow” glasses and light-up sticks. My three-year-old granddaughter, Lilah, enjoyed dancing to the music of the live band. Finally the sky grew dark; the big moment had arrived. The first screeching rocket burst into bright colors with a loud boom. I glanced at Lilah to see her reaction. Her beaming smile had been replaced by a grimace and she had both hands over her ears. I had to put my ear next to her mouth to hear her cries, “It’s too loud! It’s too loud!” This is bad! I thought. The car’s so far away, and it would take forever to maneuver through this crowd. I…

1 Min.
sunday, july 5

I’M ROUTINELY AMAZED AT HOW Jesus reveals Himself through real-life experiences, particularly when I include Him in the process. My son, Isaac, has Down syndrome, and loving him has blessed and grown me in unexpected ways. Isaac has inspired me to be a better person and face many fears. One recent example was advocating for Isaac in making changes to his IEP (Individualized Educational Program). My husband and I had a vision for Isaac, but even after doing extensive research, praying, and seeking expert counsel, I was full of doubt and fear. Was this plan best for Isaac? Could I make my case? What if I was wrong? Eventually I had to step out of the boat. I had to take the risk of trusting my gut, of pushing hard, of making…