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Mornings with Jesus January/February 2019

Experience this devotional magazine that blesses you with Jesus' words, His teachings, and His Wisdom. This inspiring magazine will help you begin and end your day connected to Jesus.

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2 Min.
a note from the editor

DO YOU EVER GET impatient with your loved ones? Truth to tell, I do. More often than I like. I try to conceal my irritation, but I suspect it pops out. Our loved ones aren’t so easily fooled. For that reason I find it interesting to note how Jesus often responded to His loved ones. Remember when He lingered behind in Jerusalem after the feast of the Passover and Joseph and Mary had already traveled for a day before they noticed He was missing? “Son, why have you treated us so?” His mother said. “Your father and I have been looking for you anxiously.” No abject apology from the 12-year-old boy. Instead He answered, “Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s house?” Or on another occasion with His mother…

2 Min.
tuesday, january 1

ONE OF MY FAVORITE VERSES to meditate on for New Year’s Day is Isaiah 43:19: “For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?” (NLT). These words fill me with excitement the same way hanging a new calendar on the wall does. A new year stretches ahead with new experiences and adventures, new friends to make, and fresh opportunities to serve Christ and grow to be more like Him. But cleaning out my pantry last week helped me understand that before we can embrace the new, we may need to get rid of some of the old. To make room for the beautiful ceramic baking dishes I’d bought, I threw out old plastic storage containers that had cracked or missing lids. I…

2 Min.
wednesday, january 2

A RECORD SNOWFALL BEGAN A few hours after my husband, Gene, left town to attend a three-day conference. At first, I figured shoveling could wait until he returned. But I changed my mind after sixteen inches fell in less than twenty-four hours and the weatherman predicted more. My plans to spend the weekend preparing for upcoming speaking engagements fell apart, and my thoughts slipped into a grumbly mood as I began shoveling.Why did this happen when I need to work? Why when Gene’s away? What if I have a heart attack and no one sees me lying in a heap on the driveway? Suddenly a thought came to mind: I washed your sin-stained heart whiter than the pristine snow you’re shoveling. That thought stopped me mid-shovel. I gazed at the scene around me…

1 Min.
thursday, january 3

HAVE YOU EVER FELT LIKE you’re being watched? I have. It can be scary. But it can also be a good thing, depending on who is watching. One morning, I was unaware I was being watched. As I stared at our bills, my lids brimmed with tears. Since my husband David’s retirement, we’ve struggled to make ends meet. We’ve managed up to this point, but that particular month, I worried we wouldn’t. Unexpected expenses left us with more month than money, and I’d run out of ideas. No clever solutions burbled to the surface of my mind. Broken, I bowed my head to pray. I needed Jesus’s attention. I begged Him for wisdom, perseverance—and tangible help. Glancing outside, I noticed the mail had been delivered. Probably more bills. As I retrieved it,…

2 Min.
friday, january 4

A GOOD WORK ETHIC IS ingrained in my genes. On my father’s side, generations survived wars in Europe and rebuilt their homes time and again. They dug in to each task as if their lives depended on it. On my mother’s side, farmers in Pennsylvania Dutch country always finished the work before playing. Since there was always more work, time for leisure was rare. With this background, it’s no wonder that I’m sometimes accomplishment-driven. That’s not all bad. A passion for work motivates me to provide service to others and to Jesus. However, it can also push me into pride, self-reliance, and tunnel vision that misses the needs of others. That’s why Jesus’s words in John 6 are challenging for me. I wake each morning thinking, What work can I do…

1 Min.
saturday, january 5

I HAVE THREE COLLEGE FRIENDS that I group-text every morning. We tell each other the crazy things our kids do. We laugh. We share what struggles we are facing. We pray for each other’s families. And we send inspirational Scripture. This last year has been a rough year for me. It’s been a season where life has been difficult and Jesus seemed far away. But my friends have been reminding me of the great love that Jesus has for me—in spite of crazy circumstances and the uncertainty I am feeling. These friends tell me the truth. The other morning, I had an epiphany while I was doing my devotions. I realized that while I may feel far from Jesus, He is near. He has always been. My feelings can change moment by…