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Mornings with Jesus November - December 2018

Experience this devotional magazine that blesses you with Jesus' words, His teachings, and His Wisdom. This inspiring magazine will help you begin and end your day connected to Jesus.

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a note from the editor

HOW DO YOU DECORATE your house for Christmas? I wish I could tell you that my wife and I deck the halls with boughs of holly and colored lights and mistletoe, but I confess I often find the mere prospect of Christmas so overwhelming—scrolling through websites in search of that perfect gift for loved ones—that I’m ready to dispense with any decorations at all. One December not so long ago, we’d already hung the Advent calendar and set up the crèche—and then I forgot about the other stuff. Like the candles we usually put in our windows. Until my wife asked (after many an Advent calendar window had been opened), “What about the candles? Aren’t you going to put them up this year?” “Sure,” I said, grumbling about finding extension cords and…

1 Min.
thursday, november 1

DURING THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, a friend wrote that she found the campaigns so discouraging she just wanted it to be over. Another said he didn’t know what to do, that he couldn’t vote for either candidate in good conscience, but he also felt he had to vote. I could relate. I often felt like checking out of all media as one controversy swirled after another. There seemed to be no truly good options. It was paralyzing. And yet, I found, there was still plenty of work to do. Plenty of opportunities to be kind, to speak truth, to love. Maybe not on any grand scale. Maybe not even in a way that allowed me to see I was making much of a difference. But as Paul wrote, for the sake…

1 Min.
friday, november 2

AS I GRABBED MY TOOTHBRUSH from a drawer near my sink, four bottles of beauty products tumbled to the ground. On the floor lay a jar of cream for radiant eyes, a serum for flawless skin, a pore minimizer, and a lotion promising to shrink any baggage I carry under my eyes. Seriously? I sighed. None of this stuff has stopped my crow’s feet from increasing to duck’s feet, and I don’t think one pore has minimized—heaven knows I’ve tried! Imagine the headline of Glamour or InStyle magazines saying “You’re decaying . . . but don’t worry . . . serum’s here to save the day!” There’s nothing pretty about decay, but that’s precisely why the apostle Paul used that word. We spend countless hours and bundles of money trying to…

2 Min.
saturday, november 3

WE’VE COMPLETED A PROJECT I’VE dreamed of for over thirty years: an in-ground greenhouse. We hope to grow vegetables that need more time than our short season allows, eat fresh salads through winter, then start seeds inside while the snow melts away. We kept a large garden for years on my husband’s family farm but never got around to building the greenhouse. We finally dug into the hill beside our cabin and poured the footings after we moved to the North Woods. We really needed the little greenhouse, but we got busy again and didn’t finish. Until this summer. My garden this year consisted of late-season orphans rescued from parking lot clearance sales. The winter squash and eggplant containers will move in before the first frost and I’m sowing salad seeds. We’re…

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sunday, november 4

AFTER CHURCH ONE SUNDAY, WE found ourselves surrounded by other church members who had chosen the same small but charming restaurant. Three young adult couples sat at the table behind us. A high-top table of high school boys was beside us. An elderly couple several tables away. My husband and I had greeted each group on our way to our table, common courtesy undergirded with genuine love for each person. Midway through our meal, the high school boys seemed to pay special attention to us, smiling broadly every time we looked their way. We smiled back, grateful for their exuberance and young faith. I’d worked with several of them in a recent fine arts competition, so I assumed the extra connection might have fueled their interest. When the young men engaged in deeper…

1 Min.
monday, november 5

I HAVE KNOWN AND LOVED today’s key verse for years. I’ve written it on recipe cards and posted it on my fridge. I’ve even memorized it. But truth be told, I haven’t fully understood it until recently. I’ve spent a great deal of time telling God about my needs but too little thanking Him for all that He’s done. The result? Focusing on my concerns caused me to worry more. But things have changed since studying Jesus’s life. The story of Lazarus’s death and resurrection resonated with me. Jesus knew He would call forth a man from the tomb who’d been dead for four days. He could have focused on the enormity of the task. Instead, He said, “Father, thank you for hearing me,” and then He performed the miraculous (John 11:41–44). Rather…