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Mornings with Jesus September - October 2018

Experience this devotional magazine that blesses you with Jesus' words, His teachings, and His Wisdom. This inspiring magazine will help you begin and end your day connected to Jesus.

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a note from the editor

THE STORMS BLOW IN from the west, rain slanting against our windows, fine dust and pollen dulling their surface. Finally came a clear day, a chance to clean them of their grime. A chance to enjoy the view. I got out the Windex and roll of paper towels and started cleaning the outside of the windows. I noticed a curious thing. They didn’t really look clean until I sprayed Windex on the inside too and wiped away the grime. Only then when I backed up and looked at the finished product did everything sparkle. The sunlight shimmered on the grass outside. Jesus once asked, “Why do you see the speck that is in your brothers’ eye but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?” Seeing clearly is not…

1 Min.
saturday, september 1

MY STAFF AND MISSION TEAM had just ended a day of service in Kamuli, Uganda, when we entered our office. Toward the front was a row of stately women sitting on a bench. They were wearing perfectly creased dresses with posture that held them upright and proud. They’d been there for hours waiting for our return. Lily introduced her nine-year-old daughter, Rachel, and said she wanted to share her story. She’d been married to a harsh man, and after the birth of their first child she had developed an infection that forced her to travel to the hospital for care. Lily was turned away because she didn’t have enough money for the treatment. She decided to see an alternative medicine man several miles away. He told her he could help, but…

2 Min.
sunday, september 2

HIDE-AND-SEEK CAN BE A FUN children’s game, but in real life, our efforts to run and hide from Jesus can be tragic. Imagine, if when our Lord walked into the garden and discovered that Adam and Eve were missing, He simply left them to their choices, their sin, their knowledge of evil, and all of the consequences. Thankfully, He called to them. He kept pursuing, initiating a relationship. Jesus’s life was the ultimate act of searching out and restoring the relationship between humanity and God. Yet even today, I find myself hiding from Him. Early in the morning, the pages of my Bible call to me. Yet I hide myself in distractions. I turn on the radio or television, boot up my computer, listen to other voices. As much as I…

2 Min.
monday, september 3

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN WHEN pools close until next summer. But some in our house still have a little pool water clogged in their ears, and we’re trying to unclog them. It’s not fun! When no amount of hanging upside down and shaking your head is working, the feeling slowly eats away at your patience. My husband’s ears have been the worst. We tried all the tricks of olive oil drops, garlic oil drops, over-the-counter swimmer’s ear drops, bulb syringes to wash out whatever’s clogging those ear canals. Finally after a month, he was able to flush it out his right ear, but he’s still fighting a clog in his left. He’s ready to hear again, and I’m ready to stop repeating myself! I’ve realized watching him these past weeks that the…

1 Min.
tuesday, september 4

AT AN AUTHOR FRIEND’S BOOK signing in a library, I sat in one of the side chairs and observed her interactions with the crowd. In deference to the public library setting, my friend didn’t try to turn the event into a preaching opportunity. She talked about her books, the characters and their heritage, the connections to the area, and the characters’ journeys, and then fielded questions. One attendee asked, “It’s obvious from your stories that you are a woman of faith. Would you tell us about that?” She did. My friend wasn’t stumped by the question, because her life matched the faith of the characters she writes about. In our interactions with the public—at work, at the gym, at neighborhood gatherings—will our answers to questions like that reveal genuine faith in Jesus? Or…

1 Min.
wednesday, september 5

MY NINE-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER, ADELAIDE, IS a natural teacher. She has her own desk, fully supplied, and a chalkboard in her room, along with a massive bookshelf. She pilfers papers and worksheets from her teacher aunt. She teaches her sister, her cousins, her dog. Sometimes, she teaches her stuffed animals. When the children’s program at our church needed something new, she and her cousin, Sophia, came up with a great idea for a Bible study, led by them, complete with lessons and activities. I said if they were going to propose such a thing to the church, then they had to plan. I told them they needed twelve lessons and activities. A list of supplies. And they would also have to enlist adults besides me as chaperones. They got right to work. Adelaide hauled…