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11 Min.
does john roberts still matter?

CHIEF JUSTICE JOHN G. ROBERTS JR. IS SMART, shrewd and funny. His mastery as a D.C. appellate lawyer—the best of his time, arguing 39 times before the Court—led admirers to say his middle initial stood for God. (Alas, it’s “Glover.”) His rulings in controversial cases—including when he was the decisive vote in 2012 to uphold Obamacare—play the long game, planting the seeds for larger conservative triumphs his opponents now don’t realize. Only weeks after he was confirmed in 2005, when a light bulb exploded in the courtroom during argument, he quipped, “It’s a trick they play on new chief justices all the time!” But for all his talents, few at the Court profess to really know him. Although he’ll chat with colleagues at lunch about last night’s game, that’s about…

2 Min.
finland - sustainability and innovation

Finland’s unique growth story stands out in Europe. The country is powering through a pandemic that brought global growth to a standstill, supported by its world-leading tech sector and innovative industries. The Finnish economy will have one of the mildest recessions in the eurozone this year, while millions of government investment has been earmarked for recovery spending. Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, the youngest premier in the world, explained that innovative thinking has been the cornerstone of Finland’s economic success. Finland’s goal is to become a socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable society by 2030. The country aims to be climate neutral by 2035, and to support development of a circular economy. Its pandemic economic recovery plans will hinge on innovation and sustainability, according to Prime Minister Marin, creating new opportunities…

3 Min.
nordic biotech group - nature as architect against pandemic

Although economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic has been devastating, in-demand industries and companies are set for a major growth spurt as the world searches for a new normal. The Economist Intelligence Unit forecasts global healthcare spending will rise by 5.5% in dollar terms next year, while the global personal protective equipment market is forecast to grow by 6.7% annually until 2027 to reach $84.7 billion in value. In Finland, a country known for its advanced research and development (R&D), life sciences, and biotechnology ecosystems, economic growth is set to rebound to 3% in 2021, after a projected 5% contraction in 2020. New growth will be driven by companies like Nordic BioTech Group, the creator of a unique and innovative, natural antimicrobial solution called NordShield, a multi-purpose product designed to prevent the…

3 Min.
novkol company - building innovation

As the world grapples with the economic fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic, Serbia is faring better than most in Europe. The central National Bank of Serbia recently announced that the country’s strong, timely, and comprehensive pandemic response helped it avoid a severe economic slowdown, and will also support a speedy recovery. Serbia’s recession will be mild – GDP will contract by just 1% in 2020 – and growth is forecast to hit 5% next year. The rebound will be driven by resilient domestic firms such as Novkol Company, a leader in infrastructure construction and geotechnical services for nearly 25 years. Established in 1997, Novkol’s team of experienced engineers, as well as its history of investing in modern equipment and cutting edge practices, have helped it build a reputation as the go-to…

5 Min.
what your zoom body language says about you

WE ALL UNDERSTAND THE importance of body language at work—the way that a colleague’s crossed arms might convey hostility or a manager’s feet on the desk might be an attempt to show dominance. But how does that translate into the digital realm, now that so many of us are working from home and conducting so much of our business lives through online video? That’s where Erica Dhawan comes in. Erica is the author of Get Big Things Done and the forthcoming Digital Body Language, and recently joined me on my weekly Newsweek interview show Better (Thursdays 12 p.m. ET/9 a.m. PT) to discuss how professionals can communicate more effectively when they’re operating digitally. She shared the following four tips. Digital body language isn’t just about your body. You might imagine that the…

21 Min.
the new china syndrome

OVER THE SUMMER, AS BOTH THE TRUMP AND Biden campaigns ramped up efforts to win the most controversial presidential election in decades, Laura Daniels, Jessi Young and Erin Brown also got busy, posting critical comments about American politics and society on Twitter and other social media platforms. They tweeted about mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic. They posted about racial injustice. And they shared their views (not good) of the personal and political scandals dogging President Donald Trump. The three women appeared to be just like millions of other Americans who take to social media every day to express their displeasure at the state of the U.S. Yet there were anomalies. The women’s messages were sometimes identical to others on Twitter and Facebook. Their handles were similar and they tended to make…