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Newsweek International 11/22/2019

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GLOBAL EDITOR-IN-CHIEF _ Nancy Cooper CREATIVE DIRECTOR _ Michael Goesele EDITORIAL DIRECTOR _ Hank Gilman EXECUTIVE EDITOR _ Diane Harris DIGITAL DIRECTOR _ Laura Davis US NEWS DIRECTOR _ Juliana Pignataro MANAGING EDITOR _ Melissa Jewsbury SPECIAL PROJECTS EDITOR _ Fred Guterl EDITORIAL Senior Editors _ Peter Carbonara, Tara Francis Chan, Meredith Wolf Schizer Deputy Editor _ Christopher Groux (Gaming) Associate Editors _ James Etherington-Smith, Hannah Osborne (Science), Dom Passantino, Harriet Sinclair (Politics) London Sub-Editor _ Hannah Partos Copy Chief _ Elizabeth Rhodes Ernst Contributing Editor, Opinion _ Lee Habeeb Editorial Assistant _ Emmy Espinal CREATIVE Director of Photography _ Diane Rice Contributing Art Director _ Michael Bessire Associate Art Director _ Paul Naughton Digital Imaging Specialist _ Katy Lyness Art Assistant _ Elizaveta Galkina WRITERS David Brennan, Nina Burleigh, Dan Cancian, Brendan Cole, Shane Croucher, Chantal Da Silva, Sam Earle, Benjamin Fearnow, Kashmira Gander, Ari Georgiou, Nicole Goodkind, Katherine Hignett, Jessica Kwong,…

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billionaire mai vu minh has met and worked with many heads of state

In June 2019, Mai Vu Minh accepted an invitation and paid working visits to Bosnia-Herzegovina President Milorad Dodik, Serbia First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Ivica Dacic and Srpska President Željka Cvijanovic. These meetings were within the framework of a bilateral investment cooperation program between the SAPA Thale group and the governments and leading business sectors of these countries. In 2018, Minh represented SAPA Thale in the signing of a bilateral investment cooperation agreement with the Dubai Investment Development Agency and the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies for investment in billion-dollar projects between Vietnam and the Middle East. During his working visits, Minh said that the commercial potential of southwestern European countries, the Middle East, Vietnam and Germany is very large and that the investment cooperation program contributes to boosting…

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the archives

1989 “Suddenly West Berlin blazed with neon, fireworks—and emotion,” Newsweek reported on the unforgettable night when the Berlin Wall fell. “A city whose people had been divided for 28 cold-war years,” was now rejoicing. Thousands of West Berliners “clambered over the 10-foot wall and dropped into the arms of those below.” According to one West German radio station, the night was “Christmas, New Year’s and Easter rolled into one.” The event both reunited Germany and symbolized the collapse of the Soviet Union. It was a pivotal moment in the ongoing saga between America and Russia. 1959 “They’re reckless, apathetic, impudent, conformist, immature, and oversexed,” American adults said of teenagers—“a generation blown completely out of control.” Newsweek’s special report surveyed teens across America and found, “the majority of our 15 million teen-agers (13 to…

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driving agro-innovation to address global food security

“By combining different hardware, data analysis and these new services, Yanmar can provide solutions in a more focused way”Takehito Suzuki, Representative Director, Yanmar Holdings “The emergence of new technologies, such as IoT and Big Data, have allowed us to acquire a deeper understanding of our customer’s metrics”Ken Okuyama, Director, Yanmar Holdings With the UN estimating the world population to balloon to 9 billion people by 2050, it projects that global food demand in turn will increase by 60% on current levels, presenting an unprecedented challenge for the agriculture industry worldwide. Meeting such demand will require solving several issues across the food value chain, where innovation and big-thinking will be required like never before. Those challenges include efficient use of land, improving agricultural management through the adoption of new technologies, and eliminating food…

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the hidden yet indispensable strength behind japan’s industrial might

Over the past several decades, the solid reputation of Japanese manufacturing has been cemented by the major companies that represent the nation worldwide. Household names from the electronics and automotives industries, such as Toyota, Honda, Sony and Panasonic, have been the ambassadors of the ‘Made in Japan’ brand and Japanese quality internationally and will continue to be so. But these companies represent just the tip of the iceberg. The true strength of Japanese industrial might lies in the nation’s SMEs, which account for more than 97 percent of all companies, 70% of total employment, and 50% of all added-value manufacturing in Japan. Many of these SMEs are B2B companies that supply parts, components and machinery to larger corporations like those mentioned above, as well as to clients all over the world. Largely…

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superior disaster-resilient technology in water mains pipes

“The reason our products ensure customer trust is because of our tireless R&D efforts aimed at creating new products to meet the demands of our era”Shuichi Kusaka, President Nippon Chutetsukan KK Located in the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire, natural disaster-prone Japan accounts for around 20% of all earthquakes around the world with a magnitude of 6.0 or more and experiences a tremor every five minutes. Each year there are up to 2,000 quakes that can be felt by people, but none more so than the 9.0-magnitude Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, which triggered a powerful tsunami that caused extensive damage and loss of life in the northeastern Tohoku region. Naturally, the disaster-prone situation in Japan has compelled construction companies to build highly resilient buildings and infrastructure, while manufacturers of related materials…