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August 11, 2020

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world’s fair of money officially canceled

The American Numismatic Association (ANA) Board of Governors voted July 14 to officially cancel the 2020 World’s Fair of Money, it announced July 16. The show was originally scheduled for Aug. 4-8 in Pittsburgh, Pa.; however, COVID-19 restrictions made continuing with the Pittsburgh event unfeasible, and the board voted in mid-June to postpone the event while it considered alternate sites and dates. The July 14 vote effectively terminated any further research and planning for a replacement location for the 2020 show given the current COVID-19 situation and the inability of the ANA to assure the safety of its members, dealers, staff and visitors. The board did commit to Pittsburgh as the site for the 2023 World’s Fair of Money, recognizing what it called outstanding planning developed by the local host committee in…

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Research Reveals Find Created by Chet Krause Check out this historic find! The steel penny isn’t part of it, it’s just something I picked up at the same time. I started researching and found that this publication’s founder made these. I thought it was a cool find considering I’m in Florida. Michael Blankenship Florida Panic Buying for Gold Yet to Hit Thank you for printing the brilliant article by Patrick A. Heller: “Why Isn’t Gold $3,000-Plus?” To complete the discussion, we may add some background regarding the drag on gold bullion appreciation. When President Nixon demonetized precious metals in the late 1960s, he eliminated much demand for gold and silver. Without bullion to back money, the U.S. government needed no gold or silver for any purpose beyond defense. Other countries followed the lead of the…

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stone mountain half a reminder of institutionalized racism

Great art is timeless, but also inevitably tied to the time in which it was produced. Many coins are miniature works of art and as such, reveal the ideals and prejudices of the time in which they were minted. Today, as we struggle with issues of social justice, and particularly as we examine the role of civil war monuments and what they signify to Black Americans (indeed all Americans), it may be instructive to examine a coin issued in 1925 known as the Stone Mountain commemorative half dollar. On the obverse (heads), the coin depicts Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee on horseback. On the reverse (tails), there is an eagle and the words “Dedicated to the valor of the Confederate soldier.” The money raised from the sale of the coin was…

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u.s. mint to issue its first-ever colorized coins

The 2020 Basketball Hall of Fame products were launched June 4, but now these coins are bouncing back for a second installment. On Aug. 28 at noon EST, the U.S. Mint is releasing two products. They are the first colorized coins that the U.S. Mint has ever produced. The first is the Basketball Hall of Fame 2020 colorized half dollar as part of its 2020 Basketball Hall of Fame coin program celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. The obverse design features the same design as the other Basketball Hall of Fame coin products: three different figures all reaching for the basketball in unison. The reverse design depicts an orange basketball with black channels about to pass through a white net with an orange rim. Inscriptions are “UNITED…

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have you come across counterfeits or suspected fakes during your time in the hobby? if so, what have you seen?

I’ve gotten a few fake ancients at different times, one even fooled two high-ranking dealers/collectors. Thankfully I got refunds on them all. Matthew Baca via Facebook I bought some 1925 Peace dollars from an eBay guy in California, and they had the reverse of a 1921 Peace dollar. The weight was correct, but the color was off. He went out of business. David Kinney Shenandoah, Iowa I had a $100 Big Head bill with serial number 48484848. I don’t remember the series or Federal bank. It looked good alone, but the green was slightly yellowish next to a legit $100 and it had a funny looking watermark. My bank took it and sent it to Secret Service, which confirmed it as counterfeit. I pulled it from circulation – the serial number was too good…

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modern $5 gold – even on a budget

The United States Congress brought a commemorative coin program back to life in 1982 in a quiet, almost simple sort of way. They authorized a single half-dollar coin honoring the 250th anniversary of the birth year of President Washington. The next year saw an explosion of commems, all aimed at the 1984 Olympic Games held in Los Angeles. This included some gold pieces, but they are $10 eagles, were expensive to buy then, and remain rather expensive today. It wasn’t until 1986 that a $5 half eagle was put into the growing mix, one that would be the first of many. The 1986 Statue of Liberty Centennial $5 gold piece has become something of a standard among the half eagles that have been minted in the modern commemorative program since then.…