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Numismatic News October 1, 2019

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unsurpassed 1853-d quarter eagle heads to auction

Scarce in all grades, the 1853 Dahlonega quarter eagle is rare in Mint State and unknown any finer than the MS62 level, assigned by NGC to a coin we will be offering in Heritage Auction’s Oct. 15-18 Dallas Signature auction. The latest Doug Winter reference pegs the number of surviving pieces in all grades at 85 to 105 coins — a figure echoed by PCGS CoinFacts, which suggests that under 100 pieces are known. Just 3,179 pieces were struck, and the major grading services have assigned grades to 115 coins, a number which doubtlessly includes resubmissions. Heritage has sold MS62 examples of this date a mere three times — the last time in the January 2014 FUN auction, along with two examples in 2006. This brassy-gold coin shows a minimum of marks…

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DissapointMINT Last May 28, I filled out a Mint form telling them I was missing a bonus cent from three I was supposed to receive. In the box they were shipped in, the three cents were in a small cellophane bag, but the ends were open and not taped or stapled. I searched every part of the shipping box and the missing cent was not there. It had to have fallen out before the box was sealed. I have called the Mint customer service several times and each time I was told they had my form and the replacement cent is “pending”. Why is it so hard for the Mint to stick another cent in the mail and be done with it? It seems so simple to me. I am VERY disappointed in this…

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coin show etiquette part two

Proper Coin Show Etiquette as a Seller Most collectors have much less experience selling than buying and must adapt to a new set of unfamiliar experiences to be successful. Dealers need coins in order to have merchandise to sell. However, they prefer coins that they know their customers want and avoid items that they know are difficult to move. Some sellers presume that dealers are out to get something for nothing. In reality, most dealers pay what will enable a reasonable profit. Dealers must move merchandise for the profit needed to stay in business! They cannot afford to hold too large an inventory. Many sellers bring a pile of coins and expect dealers to pay retail for the entire pile. A big mistake sellers make is to overvalue their coins and then get angry…

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commemorate the 100th anniversary of the american legion

The United States Mint, together with the Bureau of Engraving and Printing began offering a commemorative set, recognizing the 100th anniversary of the American Legion on September 16. The set includes a commemorative 100th anniversary coin along with a full-color print, embossed with gold foil to capture the artistry of the emblem. The print is not available individually, but only with the set. Collectors have three options for purchasing this set. The first set includes an American Legion 100th Anniversary 2019 Proof $5 Gold Coin with a gold foil print. At the time of this printing, the set is listed at $493.95. The second set comes with an American Legion 100th Anniversary 2019 Proof clad half dollar and the foil-embossed print. It is currently listed for $41.90. The third option includes…

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what items do you collect outside of coins?

I have collected many things in the past (baseball cards, stamps, fossils, wildflowers, etc.) Right now I am collecting books - primarily Zane Gray and John Grisham. In general, once I get two of anything I start thinking maybe I should start a collection. David Polk Evansville, Indiana Books, historical documents, antiquities, Texas items (in particular El Paso), military and other historic things (example: I own original charcoal paintings of Philip Sheridan and his wife that were commissioned by them and hung in their home - given to me by a descendant), and I have a group of things signed or owned by John Wesley Hardin, which I like because of the local connection, not because he was a nice guy. Michael Bernstein El Paso, Texas My grandmother collected stamps and left them for…

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who were the chapman brothers?

Is it true that there are more counterfeit Indian $2.50 quarter eagle coins than any other U.S. gold coin? The most current information I could find was the April 13, 2009 statement from Professional Coin Grading Service that said the series at that time represented 40% of all counterfeit gold received by that service. Why did it take until 1908 for the San Francisco Mint to be permitted to strike minor denomination coins? Legislation allowing this was slow in coming, but was passed once it became obvious the demand for coins had increased sufficiently for this mint facility to help fill the growing need. Would you explain the ring test and the reason it is used? The ring test is conducted by balancing a coin on a finger, then gently tapping it with another metal…