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Numismatic News November 5, 2019

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mcauliffe silver dollar bill signed into law

Commemorative silver dollar coins paying tribute to American teacher and astronaut Christa McAuliffe will be a reality in 2021 thanks to recent advancement of authorizing legislation. The bill, termed the Christa McAuliffe Commemorative Coin Act of 2019, passed the Senate July 9. It then passed the House on Sept. 19, and on Oct. 9 the bill became law when it was signed by President Trump. McAuliffe was one of the seven astronauts aboard the Challenger shuttle who died when the craft exploded upon liftoff on Jan. 28, 1986. The Act stipulates that proof and uncirculated versions of the silver dollar be minted with a production limit of 350,000. Proceeds of coin sales are set to benefit the non-profit organization, FIRST, “For Inspiration & Recognition of Science & Technology,” whose mission is to inspire young…

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Silver Lindbergh Medal I have a 1927 Paris Mint Charles Lindbergh medal in silver. It is three inches wide and its edge is stamped “2 Argent.” Lindbergh wears a suit on the obverse and the reverse shows a trans-Atlantic path of Lindbergh’s flight. I want to find out the mintage of this medal but I can’t find anything can. Can you help? Ray Tonns Address Withheld In Response to Coin Show Etiquette I was very interested in these articles because I haven’t really been to a coin show in some time. Like many collectors, I now acquire items for my collection through various Internet venues. Each comes with positives and negatives--buying and selling in person brings lots of advantages that simply aren’t possible over the Internet. These articles were very dealer-centric ... as if the…

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increasing coin club memberships

A general consensus in the coin collecting community is that the hobby is in decline. Attendance is down at many clubs. The perception about hobby health may be inaccurate. If one looks at the robust sale of coins on the internet, by telemarketers, at coin shows, at major auctions, at flea markets, and in coin shops around the country, the hobby has substantial public interest. Outside of the shrinking clubs, robust coin clubs flourish, with growing membership and boisterous meetings. In fact, some clubs have greater attendance now than they have ever had! How can this be? In thriving clubs, the leadership is smart and works hard. The dynamic is similar in any club, regardless of purpose. In my home town of Modesto, California, we have some clubs with hundreds of people while other…

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pennsylvania innovation $1 bags, rolls on sale

Rolls and bags of the American Innovation dollar coin honoring Pennsylvania are available to collectors from the U.S. Mint on Oct. 24. Part of a multi-year series honoring innovation with $1 coins from each state and U.S. territory, the 2019 American Innovation coins in rolls and bags have uncirculated finishes and were produced at the Philadelphia and Denver mints. The other three states honored this year are Delaware, New Jersey and Georgia. The Pennsylvania coin is the second of the four to be released this year. It features the polio vaccine developed by Dr. Jonas Salk and his team at the University of Pittsburgh in the early 1950s. At the time, polio was a devastating disease that disproportionally affected children and young adults and left many paralyzed and unable to walk. The coin’s…

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is attracting speculators good or bad for the hobby?

Some are good & some not so good. Been coin collecting for a long time & like (some)other collectors, haven’t really thought much about grading if the coin looks good & it’s clean (not cleaned). I belong to several coin clubs & if I ask for some comments on grading, then I get lots of different comments. This is good because I am interested in all opinions good or not so good. The grading field is something I don’t know much about, but it’s a way of learning how to grade. I hope I explained this correctly about my concerns for learning about coins that I don’t know. Jim Casto Address Withheld Hi, I think now more than ever for a short time a little speculation would do our coin market some good. There…

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all-time finest morgan dollars set will be sold intact

(Woodland Hills, California) October 10, 2019 – The all-time finest collection of Morgan silver dollars that was publicly revealed for the first time earlier this year now is being offered for sale intact. Known as The Illinois Set, the collection is ranked all-time finest in five different circulation strike Morgan dollar categories in the popular PCGS Set Registry® (www.PCGS.com/setregistry). The 117-coin set has a record-setting PCGS grade point average of 66.59. It contains 51 coins that are the finest known: 15 that are the single finest and 36 others that are tied for finest known. The set’s grade point average surpasses such famous Hall of Fame and previous top Morgan dollar circulation strike sets as Jack Lee, Coronet Collection, California1 and IPS. “This amazing set of superb quality coins was quietly and…