November - December 2020

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editorial director’s statement

ON DAVID Suit by Burberry Polo shirt by TY-LR ON DIANE Dress by Stine Goya FOR A QUEER GIRL IN THE ’90S, Wilson Cruz — who sprang onscreen as sweet gay teen Rickie on My So-Called Life opposite Claire Danes and Jared Leto — was the patron saint of Gen X TV. It was still years before other milestones, before Ellen Degeneres came out on TV, longer before Buffy the Vampire Slayer offered up a queer couple, a decade before The Wire slightly destigmatized being a Black gay man, and a full 25 years before Pose told the stories of Black and brown LGBTQ+ folks to mainstream audiences. For my friends, Rickie was the first unabashedly out queer series star our age. When ABC canceled My So-Called Life, I joined with legions…

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the team

MATT BOMER Matt Bomer is a beloved and celebrated actor known for his roles in television, stage, and film. Starring in USA’s White Collar elevated him to the A-List and since then, he’s appeared in shows like Glee, American Horror Story, Doom Patrol, and The Sinner. He’s also had acclaimed roles in films like the Magic Mike franchise, Ryan Murphy’s The Normal Heart, and Netflix’s The Boys in the Band (he also starred in the 2018 Broadway revival of the latter). Bomer is a proud LGBTQ+ rights activist, and lives with his husband Simon Halls and their three children in Los Angeles. In this issue, he pays tribute to writer, activist, and icon Larry Kramer, who died in May (page 99). @mattbomer ALEXANDER CHEVES Alexander Cheves is a writer, editor, copywriter, freelance illustrator, and…

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20 lux holiday gifts you should buy & keep

Ray-Ban goes queer with the latest edition of Ray-Ban Studios (their series of limited edition music-inspired product collaborations), this time with DJ Patrick Mason, who co-created the brand’s first custom made product. This reinvention of the State Street model taken from the Ray-Ban archives comes from Mason, the influential club kid, DJ, artist, and half of SRVD (the band inspired by New York’s vogue scene), who’s at the forefront of Berlin’s dance music, fashion, art, music, and LGBTQ+ scene. Inspired by “oblivion and the creation of the universe,” according to Mason (left), his design includes obsidian black upper and amber lower frame, lightly mirrored photochromatic lenses, magnetic balls at the temples (with an oversized link chain) and an egg-shaped packaging. This limited edition may be sold out by the time…

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luxury meets sustainability

The Tom Ford Ocean Plastic Timepiece ($995) is the first luxury watch with components made of 100 percent ocean plastic. With every watch sold, the equivalent of 35 bottles of plastic waste is removed from our oceans. It comes in three additional strap colors for spring in addition to the current black and is in recyclable packaging. “Our products are not meant to be thrown away; they are made to hold onto. Our products are of the highest quality and are produced in factories where the workers enjoy excellent working conditions, benefits, and holidays. Our products are timeless. Our customers hold on to our products for years and when they no longer want them, they go on to vintage resale shops where they often actually sell for more than their original…

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just friends: lil nas x + christian cowan

Out: This collection is so much fun. How did you begin the creative process? Christian Cowan: We first collaborated at the 2019 Video Music Awards and it was sick. Then when it came to Fashion Week, I wanted to do a collab with someone. It had to be Lil Nas, because I’m so inspired by so much that you do. You’re not only blending these music genres but you’re also a proud trailblazer, which is everything we live for. It felt very natural on my end, and then we just created. I felt like we didn’t hold back and we had you in pink glitter and just serving all the different fantasies. Lil Nas X: 100 [percent]. I feel like with the shoot, it wasn’t super held back. I hate when everything…

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wilson cruz

Wilson Cruz is fresh off a Zoom call with the cast of the 1990s cult hit My So-Called Life. “They’re part of my chosen family,” he explains of his costars. The Gen-X cast (including Claire Danes and Jared Leto) and particularly Wilson’s character, Rickie, continue to resonate with fans a quarter of a century after he became the first out gay actor to play an out gay leading character on TV (in the U.S. at least). “The whole point of that role was so that people could see themselves and own how beautiful their lives could be,” he says, adding that what he took from that role was literally his character’s arc: “I’m enough just as I am. I spent so much time, if you want to get honest, trying to…