Outdoor Photographer Guide to Mylio 2015

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a passion for people

Kevin Gilbert has a lot of great experiences to remember from his three decades in photography. He can think back to the early part of his career as a photojournalist in Washington D.C., when he worked his way up to become president of the White House News Photographers Association, covering Presidents and world leaders on a daily basis. And he can remember the fun and exciting middle years, when he left the newspaper world to work for the Discovery Channel and Mark Burnett Productions, documenting programs and productions like the Eco Challenge—an opportunity that took him around the world to 17 different countries. He can recall creating Blue Pixel, an organization designed to help teach people how to take better pictures—which today can lay claim to helping literally hundreds of…

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the memory evangelist

Two years ago, when Kevin Gilbert was asked to join Mylio by company founder and former Microsoft Chief Technology Officer David Vaskevitch, it was perfect timing. Gilbert felt the time was right for a personal change and for a new approach to helping people interact with their photographs. His new position required a new job title, too. “It’s a title I made up,” Gilbert says, “and it fits for everything I do: memory evangelist. Think of it this way: We are not positioning our company long term as a photography company. We are a memory company. Photography is the most tangible, easiest way to look back and rediscover and remember what’s happened in our lives. But so is music, so is video, so is journaling, so are ticket stubs and school…

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take control of your photos!

A picture is worthless if you can’t find it. That’s the simple premise behind Mylio, the next-generation photo system. Mylio offers a powerful, seamless way to share images across devices so that those images can be easily displayed and edited, anytime, anyplace, even in remote destinations. According to Memory Evangelist and photographer Kevin Gilbert, Mylio’s power lies in its versatility. It helps longtime professionals with massive archives, as well as moms who just want to keep track of their snapshots. It’s good for organizing, editing and protecting image files—even RAW—and it can stand alone or integrate with applications like Aperture and Lightroom. It can use the Internet and the cloud, or generate its own local network. “Most companies would say, ‘We’re going to do a syncing product and that’s it,’” Gilbert says.…

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what makes mylio go

When you first hear about a new technology that promises to instantly synchronize all of your digital photos across all of your devices—from laptop to tablet, smartphone to desktop computer—you may automatically react with serious skepticism. For years now, photographers have been promised that the cloud would free them from the limitations of physical disk drives and the constant challenges of ever-changing connectivity, not to mention the cumbersome and sometimes confusing process of protecting their digital data—those precious digital image files. But as anyone who has ever tried uploading gigabytes of RAW image files over the Internet has learned, the cloud isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The cloud may offer lots of storage space at low cost, but the avenues in and out are jammed. When it comes to…