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PC Gamer (US Edition)PC Gamer (US Edition)

PC Gamer (US Edition)

July 2019

PC Gamer brings you in-depth previews, exclusive feature stories, and the most hard-hitting reviews every month in the world’s best-selling PC games magazine! Every month you’ll get the inside scoop on the most exciting games in every genre from first-person shooters to MMORPGs and cutting-edge games from independent developers, along with detailed strategy guides, how-tos, and the latest news on mods and PC gaming hardware from the best-known authorities in PC gaming. PC Gamer helps you get the most out of the most powerful gaming platform in the world.

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“frontier is a master of crafting intricate, believable detail”

PHIL SAVAGESpecialist in GiraffesTwitter @OctaederThis month Put a giant lion face on the cover, like we’re the National Geographic of PC gaming.One of the best things about working at PC Gamer is that, when a studio tells you that they’re working on a management sim featuring some of the most advanced animal animation and AI around, I get to put it on our cover. Frontier is a master of crafting intricate, believable detail. As revealed in Andy’s cover feature, it is going all out with Planet Zoo to create the most realistic animals around.Also, this issue, turn to page 44 to read our celebration of FromSoftware’s Dark Souls.EDITORphil.savage@futurenet.comTALK TO PC GAMERHave your say!Email us at letters@pcgamer.com…

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the pc gamer team

ANDY KELLYSpecialist in TurtlesTwitter @ultrabrilliantThis month Enjoyed a virtual menagerieMALINDY HETFELDSpecialist in SealsTwitter @yourkyotowifeThis month Started reviewing Japanese visual novelsTOM SENIORSpecialist in PenguinsTwitter @PCGLudoThis month Wrote about Artorias and his sad dog.XALAVIER NELSON JR.Specialist in HipposTwitter @WritNelsonThis month Continued to do everything.PC Gamer (ISSN 1080-4471) is published 13 times a year, monthly plus a Holiday issue following the December issue, by Future US, Inc., 11 W 42nd St, 15th Flr, New York, NY 10036 USA. Website: www.futureus.com. Periodicals postage paid in New York, NY, and at additional mailing offices. Newsstand distribution is handled by Curtis Circulation Company. Basic subscription rates: one year (13 issues) US: $24; Canada: US$47; Foreign: US$47. Canadian and foreign orders must be prepaid. Canadian price includes postage and GST (GST #R128220688). PMA #40612608. Subscriptions do not…

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pc gamer (us edition)

Future Publishing Ltd11 W 42nd St, 15th Flr, New York, NY 10036Tel 01225 442244 Email pcgamer@futurenet.comWeb www.pcgamer.comEDITORIALGlobal Editor in Chief Evan LahtiEditor in Chief Samuel RobertsEditor Phil SavageDeputy Editor Malindy HetfeldArt Editor John StrikeProduction Editor Tim EmpeyWeb Editor Tom SeniorSection Editor Andy KellyNews Editor Fraser BrownCONTRIBUTORSWriting James Davenport, Joe Donnelly, Emma Davies, Matt Elliott, Sam Greer, Samuel Horti, Phil Iwaniuk, Rick Lane, Xalavier Nelson Jr., Jeremy Peel, Chris Schilling, Rich Stanton, Tom Sykes, Jarred Walton, Philippa WarrBUSINESSUS Marketing & Strategic Partnerships: Stacy Gaines, stacy.gaines@futurenet.comUS Chief Revenue Officer: Luke Edson, luke.edson@futurenet.comEast Coast Account Director: Brandie Rushing, brandie.rushing@futurenet.comEast Coast Account Director: Michael Plump, michael.plump@futurenet.comEast Coast Account Director: Victoria Sanders, victoria.sanders@futurenet.comEast Coast Account Director: Melissa Planty, melissa.planty@futurenet.comEast Coast Account Director: Elizabeth Fleischman, elizabeth.fleischman@futurenet.comWest Coast Account Director: Austin Park, austin.park@futurenet.comWest Coast Account Director: Jack…

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borderlands 3 revealed

For years, every tweet by Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has had variations of the same reply under it, “What about Borderlands 3 ?” And at this year’s PAX East, those fans’ prayers were answered. Borderlands 3 is due for release on September 13, 2019 and will feature a loot system that will, if Gearbox is to be believed, generate a billion guns.A suitably chaotic trailer, opening with the words “MAYHEM IS COMING”, shows a refinement of the series’ trademark comic book art style. It’s mostly business as usual: Mad Max-style car chases in the desert, masked bandits, shanty towns, and big, silly guns. But there are a few enticing glimpses of new environments, including a neon-lit futuristic city and a green, swampy biome. Oh, and Claptrap is back, because of course he is.Borderlands 3 will also…

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fan subbing

Localization is a word for a number of processes all to do with ensuring a game is ready for a specific local market. This includes everything from creating a translation that stays faithful to the originally intended meaning, to cutting and amending content in line with different countries’ laws. The Yakuza series’ great localization is an important factor in its success, and so I asked localization producer Scott Strichart about the pitfalls of his job.In order to localize a game correctly you need to have two things: Text and context. As with any big creative project on a schedule, you unfortunately don’t necessarily get both at the same time.“Until recently, we’d never started localization prior to the game being done in Japan, which was amazing, because we could just boot up every…

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designing replay

New Game Plus (styled as “New Game+” or “NG+”) typically allows players to begin a game all over again, retaining a significant amount of unlocks and potentially gaining new insight into a game’s world through added features. It allows developers to extend potential game time using existing content, and the addition of this mode in the many forms it can take seems to be popular—so why aren’t more developers doing it?“It’s important to understand that ‘the same but different’ is actually ‘different, but some things might be the same’,” says Spearhead Games senior designer Graeme Lennon. “It’s rarely as simple as tweaking some numbers for a harder NG+. Wave timings, hit counts, heal rates, etc, all interact and all need to be tested.” After the success of Spearhead Games’ debut…